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Ame no marginal progress update

Status Updatessss

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Narcissu 1+2 on Steam updated! Achievements!

It’s been a long time coming, but achievements have been integrated into the game engine! WOOHOO!

The achievement icons were commissioned from one of the artists that did art for Narcissu 2 specifically for the achievements, and they’re super cute.

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New Project With Sekai Project: Ame no Marginal

As some of you know, I’ve been working with Sekai Project for over the past year, and while I’ve kept very busy there has been precious little that I was able to make any posts about. All the newsworthy projects were led by other people.

But I finally get to announce something in public! I’m officially the project lead and lead translator for a newest stage-nana game, Ame no Marginal.

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Script diffs: Narcissu 1+2 Steam WIP vs 2009 release

Mostly for my own curiosity after spending many many commutes to and from work typing on a tiny netbook, I wanted to see a record of my changes done to the narcissu script as I cleaned up my work to prepare for the Steam release.

This time, since I didn’t use subversion (or any real versioning system, but I had constant backups), I couldn’t just run an analysis similar to what I did years ago looking at commit diff volumes. So instead I had to rely on good ol’ diff, and some tools to make a nice displayable version

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So where does the Narcissu OST money go?

Answers within!

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Narcissu 1+2 has been greenlit! WOO!

Super excited about this.
The Narcissu 1+2 Steam greenlight has been Greenlit in 31 days! WOOO!

It had been an exciting 31 days. We had an amazingly strong response at the start, and then people helped out by getting the word out, and we were actually ranked #2 out of all the games in the program before the announcement.

That said… there’s lots to do before we can release… Sekaiproject’s tetatively hoping to get everything all done by Q1 2014. Here’s hoping.

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Narcissu Greenlight Q&A happening

The Greenlight campaign is actually generating a pretty good response from users! I’m quite amazed and hope that Valve gives us some kind of response sooner than later. In the mean time, until this Sunday (Nov 10, 2013 um. UTC? Morning? night? I dunno, I didn’t ask) Sekaiproject is fielding questions in a Q&A.

I’ll be fielding most of the questions, but other people on Sekaiproject, including Stage Nana (if absolutely necessary, they’re busy) would reply as needed

Go here and ask whatever you want.

Stupid questions will be ignored, of course =3

Narcissu 1 & 2 headed to Steam Greenlight!

Go Greenlight Go! Details within!

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