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So where does the Narcissu OST money go?

Answers within!

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Narcissu 1+2 has been greenlit! WOO!

Super excited about this.
The Narcissu 1+2 Steam greenlight has been Greenlit in 31 days! WOOO!

It had been an exciting 31 days. We had an amazingly strong response at the start, and then people helped out by getting the word out, and we were actually ranked #2 out of all the games in the program before the announcement.

That said… there’s lots to do before we can release… Sekaiproject’s tetatively hoping to get everything all done by Q1 2014. Here’s hoping.

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Narcissu Greenlight Q&A happening

The Greenlight campaign is actually generating a pretty good response from users! I’m quite amazed and hope that Valve gives us some kind of response sooner than later. In the mean time, until this Sunday (Nov 10, 2013 um. UTC? Morning? night? I dunno, I didn’t ask) Sekaiproject is fielding questions in a Q&A.

I’ll be fielding most of the questions, but other people on Sekaiproject, including Stage Nana (if absolutely necessary, they’re busy) would reply as needed

Go here and ask whatever you want.

Stupid questions will be ignored, of course =3

Narcissu 1 & 2 headed to Steam Greenlight!

Go Greenlight Go! Details within!

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Halifax trip souvenirs (aka. future plans)

Some noteworthy things that I took back from the trip. No, not maple syrup.

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Halifax trip 2, the juicy bits

Last time, I briefly sketched out the major geographic highlights of the trip to Canada. This time I’m going to try to report a bit on the industry gossip that I heard on the way. The bits of gossip comes from multiple people from different companies. Sometimes the comments are about my friends’ own companies, sometimes it’s someone they know in another company. I’m not going to say who’s saying what about whom.

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Halifax trip

A short while ago, I went on a trip up to Canada with some friends from the Japanese eroge industry. The whole thing started because after writing a whole story set in Nova Scotia, my friend said he had actually never been there himself. All of the setting material came from research that he did on the area. At the same time, he also had to stay in Japan while his company was releasing a game, so it ended up being that he had to go to Canada at the start of November where everything was practically closed for the season. Exciting stuff.

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Still Alive

It’s not really a secret that I call New York City home. And Hurricane Sandy just did a number on the infrastructure here. Safe, sound, with power, water, food, internet, phone. Just totally unable to travel any significant distance w/ public transportation down.

No projects on the horizon yet, mostly because I haven’t found something I want to dedicate the hundreds of hours needed to work on it. Have been talking on and off with occasional visual novel writers, but just about shop, not about projects or work.

I did work no something a half year ago, but not something that’s been announced or released yet. Mostly I was filling in for short staffing, but it was fun. If it’s ever released somewhere I’ll announce it here.

Meanwhile, just hoping that repairs to the major systems in the city (and all the other cities hit by the storm) get back in place soon.

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