New Project With Sekai Project: Ame no Marginal

Update: So I’m hosting a reddit AMA about the project and anything else here

Hi everyone!

As some of you know, I’ve been working with Sekai Project for over the past year, and while I’ve kept very busy there has been precious little that I was able to make any posts about. All the newsworthy projects were led by other people.

But I finally get to announce something in public! I’m officially the project lead and lead translator for a newest stage-nana game, Ame no Marginal.

As posted on Sekai Project , it is available for immediate pre-order ($9.99) and is scheduled to release some time in mid-2015. We’re also on steam!

It’s a short, serious game that explores the perspective of someone who winds up staying in a strange world where time has stopped, and there is no hunger, and not even death. At the same time there are no other people in the world, just cloudy sky, aged stone, day, night, and endless rain. Just what becomes of someone who stays in such a place for decades, or even centuries?

I’m especially happy to be working on this because, like narcissu, it is a very simple no-frills story that makes you imagine and think about’ ‘what if’. No ero, no silly fanservice, no choices, just a few hours of story. Narcissu fans will find a very familiar atmosphere.

We’re going to be working super hard to get the game out as soon as we can, at a quality level that I can be proud of. Plus, thanks to the resources available to Sekai Project, there will be other staff helping out along the way (developers helping with engine, editors, etc.) things should go a lot quicker than narcissu 2 took. =)


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