Narcissu 1+2 on Steam updated! Achievements!

It’s been a long time coming, but achievements have been integrated into the game engine! WOOHOO!

Narcissu 1st & 2nd on steam

The achievement icons were commissioned from one of the artists that did art for Narcissu 2 specifically for the achievements, and they’re super cute.

Also along with this update were a ton of little tiny tweaks to the Agilis scripts, a hair over 275 little tweaks to how lines were written to make them sound smoother. Nothing that changes the story in any way, just a bit of extra polishing and fixing of things that I didn’t like.

Sadly, gp32 is away on personal leave for now, so his new Narcissu 2 translation is on hold. But we’ve decided that it was probably time to put what we have together into an update and prepare to take the game out of Early Access since we are at a good stopping point now. When he comes back there will of course be an update.

Hopefully it will lead to less people being confused why the game is listed as ‘released in 2007’ but still Early Access, when it’s essentially complete.


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