Ame no marginal progress update

It’s been a very busy busy busy month for me, but Ame no Marginal’s been in editing phase for about 2 weeks or so now, and I just finished merging in the edits into the main scripts today. Now we have to pack it up, QA the hell out of it, and make sure that the game runs effectively.

Hopefully we can have everything done this week, really depends on how much trouble the engine gives us while testing. I really want to stick to releasing in May, but it’s going to be really down to the wire here.

Then I need to make all the promotional material (screenshots, descriptions etc)…

I’m not sure if we’ll have time to make a demo, there was never one in Japan, so we’d have to create one from scratch, and I’m not sure if I want to have to decide where is a good cutoff point.


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