Script diffs: Narcissu 1+2 Steam WIP vs 2009 release

Mostly for my own curiosity after spending many, many commutes to and from work typing on a tiny netbook, I wanted to see a record of my changes done to the narcissu script as I cleaned it up to prepare for the Steam release.

This time, since I didn’t use subversion (or any real versioning system, I couldn’t just run an analysis similar to what I did years ago looking at commit diff volumes. So instead I had to rely on good ol’ diff, and some tools to make a nice displayable version

The html-ized diff is sorta interesting.
Both games are smashed together into one file, my text only (Agilis). With context of 3 lines above/below each change.

In total, 445 lines of edits in total for both games to displayed (game-visible) text (out of approx 6700 lines total, 6.6%). Any changes to system, comments, etc. weren’t counted. Epilogue and developer/TLer notes are also not completed as of this writing.

Overall the goal of the big revision was to scan through and find any errors, typos, etc. Things that I feel would make the overall translation “better” while still keeping with the original stated philosophy of “portray things clearly while trying to preserve the rendering order of the text as possible” Where possible, if description A is mentioned before B, try to keep that order if it’s still readable.

Most of the changes were small. Tweaking of punctuation, minor changes to for readability (splitting or combining clauses, etc)

I recall that maybe < 5 times there were material errors in translation, and also a number of times I just didn’t like how a line sounded and made big changes. The errors don’t change the overall perception or feel of the game at all because they were so rare and scattered, and were often reasonably close.

Since gp32 is still working on his stuff (he’s starting fresh after all, I get to cheat), so I’ll have to discuss with SekaiProject staff over how these changes will fit with the overall release plans (because save file breaking changes are not something to be done lightly).

Steam page for Narcissu 1+2

And if you like the game, buy the OST! It’s awesome, it’s cheap, it’s delicious flac, and most of the money goes to Stage-Nana!


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