Narcissu 1+2 Released on Steam (Early Access)

Narcissu Steam page

WOOHOO! And for $7.99 you can get a DLC bonus of the glorious soundtrack, in FLAC. not upsampled MP3, not rips from the game archiives. FLACs ripped from higher quality source material.

It’s being released as early access because we want to do lots of things still, including Steamworks integration for a few small achievements (mostly of the “finished Narci 1, finsihed 2” sort. minimally annoying, but let’s people show their progress in case they wanted to discuss it with a friend. )

Then gp32’s currently away due to personal matters. He’ll be back once those are taken care of, but his scripts are delayed for now. He’s reliable, and I’m sure once things are resolved, he’ll be back.

But because there are going to be script updates (I’m still merging in revisions as I go through tweaking my own work) game saves are going to break (this is a property of the engine…. old saves become pointers pointing at incorrect positions of stuff.. and everything goes to hell.)

Plus there’s lots of miscellaneous stuff to be done, but for now, it’s out. it’s out, it’s out. Y.E.S!


  1. VDZ
    04/25/2014 04:30 PM | #

    Which actually makes me wonder…where does the money from the OST sales go? I know Steam gets a 30% cut on everything, but after that – does it all go to stage-nana? Do the individual musicians get paid with the cash? Does any money go to Sekai Project?

  2. VDZ
    04/25/2014 04:34 PM | #

    >Your transaction failed because you are trying to buy ‘Narcissu Soundtrack’ which requires ownership of ‘Narcissu 1st & 2nd’. Please correct the error and try again.

    Categorizing soundtracks as DLC brings up some weird issues…

  3. Mithaldu
    04/26/2014 09:27 AM | #

    I don’t have a lot to say, but that you are amazing people. Thank you for doing this! :D

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