So where does the Narcissu OST money go?

Sekai Project took the surprising step of putting on a free game in accordance with the wishes of the original creator to have as many people play the game as possible. Steam page here.

At the same time they also added an $8 optional DLC of a soundtrack with music from the game in FLAC format.

So of course people are asking, “where is the money going?” Which is perfectly reasonable.

The details of the agreement between Sekai Project and State-nana are confidential, but here’s a rough description:

  1. Before anything happens, Steam takes about 30% of all sales, it can possibly vary depend on your relationship with them, but it’s on par w/ things like the itunes app store. Luckily this also includes any card processing fees and stuff (if you weren’t aware, card processing fees can range anywhere from 2.5-5% depending on lots of factors )
  2. The remaining money is then divided between Sekai Project and Stage-nana. The exact split is private information, but in my opinion pretty generous.
  3. It is our understanding that some portion of the money will go from Stage-nana to the various composers who wrote the music.
  4. Finally, there are various taxes to be paid (of course the gov’t wants a cut of the action). Normally this is calculated after the revshare, but it effectively shrinks the amount everyone keeps. orz.

And finally, to the people who put up a torrent for the game and soundtrack already… seriously guys? The game is flipping free already… sigh

6/19/2014: Oh, hi reddit =x -Agilis/Aginyan


  1. Shadowburn
    05/14/2014 10:43 PM | #

    Bought the OST in a heartbeat. More than glad to be able to support both Sekai Project and Stage-nana!

    I’m really glad that Narcissu is even more accessible to the public. It’s an absolutely beautiful visual novel.

  2. anomaly
    05/16/2014 11:53 PM | #

    I’ve seen some “wrong” information for the OST tracks. I hope the Steam version will have correct info?

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