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Ame no Marginal, Now on Steam!

Ame no Marginal’s Steam page is here

Getting off an elevator at work one day, the protagonist finds himself in a mysterious rainy world.

All around there is only cloudy sky, rain, and worn flagstones.
Here it is like time has stopped, there is no hunger, no sickness, and not even death.
There is only endless rain.

He meets this strange world’s only inhabitant, who calls herself “Rin”.
Just how long has she been in this world?
Months? Years? Decades? Centuries?

This is her story.

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Updated Narcissu 2 script released

A number of minor bugfixes, and translator comments now included!

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Narcissu 2 English Ed. released as a complete OS

It. Is. Out.

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Release - Narcissu2 Micro Test

Today, May 16, 2008, marks the 1 year anniversary of the Japanese release of Narcissu Side 2nd.

Since that day, Haeleth and I have been working on the translation project; days, nights, weekends, whenever we had time. I can’t speak for Haeleth of course, but I know that I’ve spent more than 500 hours on this project.

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ef the first tale demo released

After quite a while working in the darkness. ef the first tale’s demo has been patched up and released to the masses!

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Narcissu2 OP movie

A gift at the end of an all-night coding-project session. 2:35 of Narci2 animated goodness.

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Narcissu Drama CD

Fresh from Team Clam-kitty! A bit of prologue goodness for the up and coming Narcissu Side 2nd!

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