Narcissu Remake Project announced

OMG who’s face is that…

And for any Japanese visitors I’m including a fairly loose and poor JP translation, please don’t take it too seriously.

More seriously now. Sekai Project is partnering up with Tomo Kataoka to create a remake version of the entire “narcissu” series. I’ve been working very patiently in the background for years arranging for this deal, and I can’t describe how excited I am to finally see it happen. The deal is literally less than a week old, so most details have not been decided yet.


This remake will include the following, note that these plans (including even the names) will change as the project develops further:

  • Narcissu 0: Based on the material from the PSP edition
  • Narcissu 1st: Updates TBD
  • Narcissu 2nd: Updates TBD
  • Narcissu 3rd: Based on the “Chiisa-na Iris” scenario from Narcissu 3
  • Narcissu 4th: Entirely new material written for this remake. No one has any idea what it will be like yet.


  • ナルキ0=PSP版をベースしたリメイク
  • ナルキ1と2=特に何も決めていません
  • ナルキ3=narcissu 3の「小さなイリス」をベースしたリメイク
  • ナルキ4=全く新しい書下ろしシナリオ

The remake will also feature new artwork, re-recorded voices, and where appropriate will also incorporate in material from the numerous drama CDs and fanbooks and bonus materials that have been released over the years. How this will all come together still hasn’t been decided yet.


There is no specific timeline yet, but we hope to be able to provide more details as we get a better idea of the scope of the project



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