Ame no Marginal, Now on Steam!

Ame no Marginal’s Steam page is here

Getting off an elevator at work one day, the protagonist finds himself in a mysterious rainy world.

All around there is only cloudy sky, rain, and worn flagstones.
Here it is like time has stopped, there is no hunger, no sickness, and not even death.
There is only endless rain.

He meets this strange world’s only inhabitant, who calls herself “Rin”.
Just how long has she been in this world?
Months? Years? Decades? Centuries?

This is her story.


It’s the latest game released by Tomo Kataoka, creator of the “narcissu” series. And was first released at Comike 87, December 2014. I’m super excited to have been working the translation for this project since even before it was officially released.

Many thanks to the awesome Sekai Project staff for all their help in making this release happen!!


  1. xninebreaker
    07/14/2015 12:10 AM | #

    I just finished reading Ame no Marginal, and it’s beautiful – I mean it. I thank Sekai Project for their hard work, but I want to especially thank you, Agilis, and Tomo Kataoka for all the hard work!

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