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Headed to NY Anime Festival/Comic Con this weekend

Well, since I live in the city, there’s little reason not to go this weekend. I’ll be around with goodies for Narcissu fans.

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Narcissu 2 - Vietnamese edition released

Vietnamese Narcissu 2 is out

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Project T0rama - join the translator army!

Now that Narcissu 2 is done. I’m announcing the new visual novel project I’m taking on. But this time, I want to take anyone who’s interested in translating, or learning to translate, with me.

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New site, new project - launches

Visual novel translation has been a circus of C&D letters, and stupid bitching from all corners of the debate. It’s all annoying. The world needs a place where people who just want to translate games in peace. The rest of you can debate endlessly about whether

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Will be at Anime-Expo

If anyone’s around AX, here’s how to find me.

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Narcissu 2 Giveaway Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Giveaway contest results probably tomorrow


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Small interview thingie

Mmm. Not much special I don’t think, but Digital Incorrectness yanked me aside at some point and did a small interview thing. Considering how wordy I usually am when I write articles, it’s something of a miracle anything fit into a relatively manageable size.

The old site seems to be dead, but thankfully we have the wayback machine

Some small announcements

A few small housekeeping things to get out of the way.

First, I’ve decided to let occasional people write guest articles on here, so not everything will be written by me. Take a look at the author attribution at the tops of articles from here on out.

Second, I’d imagine most of you people waiting for the Narci2 project will want to open up some time (about 3-5 hours) in their schedules. I’d say, towards the latter half of next week.

Narcissu 2 English site launched

Main site now open. No downloads just yet. =P

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