Narcissu 1 & 2 headed to Steam Greenlight!

Recently I’ve been working with the folks at Sekaiproject to get Narcissu 2 onto Steam Greenlight, and it’s happening, right now.

Kataoka has given his OK, and hopefully he’ll be updating the Stage-nana site in the coming days. (Nekonekosoft is about a few days away from Master-Up for their latest game… we’ll see if he’s got time this week…)

Why bother with a game that’s years old and when most people who would play it already has? A few reasons:

  1. Steam has over 65 Million users. even if 0.1% notice Narcissu, that’s probably 1 whole order of magnitude more people who’ll see and play it than already has.
  2. If I can’t even get an entirely free game with a known and wide overseas fanbase to Greenlight, it’s really difficult to go to a publisher and ask for rights to projects that cost money.
  3. It’d just be cool to do.

Important! We’re going to try to get it onto Steam as a free game. Or at least, as free as steam will let us (they’re a business, we’re not, our priorities are different.) In theory it should be OK, but who knows until we have a deal inked.

So get your butt to the steam page now and vote!

There’ll be updates about just what exactly the steam edition will encompass, but for now, vote vote vote!

Currently the (incomplete) list of things we’re trying to include in the updated version:

  1. Updated translations, from myself and others.
  2. Upgrading to newest, more stable version of the pOnscripter game engine. Hopefully older crash issues and other weirdness will be addressed with this.


  1. Ioannis
    11/04/2013 07:31 AM | #

    Doesn’t it cost $100 to get a game on Greenlight? I know they donate it to charity, but still.

    Who put the money up for that?

  2. 11/04/2013 07:45 AM | #

    Sekaiproject put the money up to get the greenlight account. It probably won’t be the last greenlight project they’ll attempt, so it wasn’t that much of a big deal in the long run.

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