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Narcissu Afterwards - Translation at work

The biggest changes to the revised narcissu script is actually invisible. Instead, I merged in most of the comments that Haeleth and I had both written in while we were working on the scripts.

These notes and conversations with each other within the script wound up being 99.9% of the communication that went on between us, and I believe that releasing them would let the curious, and the aspiring game translator to see some of what was going on behind the scenes.

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Updated Narcissu 2 script released

A number of minor bugfixes, and translator comments now included!

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Narcissu 2 Afterwards - Translation Style

An article almost 3 years in the making, a piece on the somewhat unconventional style of translation that I had adopted for the Narcissu 2 English project.

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Small interview thingie

Mmm. Not much special I don’t think, but Digital Incorrectness yanked me aside at some point and did a small interview thing. Considering how wordy I usually am when I write articles, it’s something of a miracle anything fit into a relatively manageable size.

The old site seems to be dead, but thankfully we have the wayback machine

Narcissu 2 Afterwards - Project timeline

It took about 1050 days to go from the start to finish for the Narcissu 2 project. But just what were those days used for?

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Narcissu 2 Afterwards - Engine differences

First in a series of post-mortem analysis of the Narcissu 2 project. The new engine being used and what’s awesome about it.

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Narcissu 2 English Ed. released as a complete OS

It. Is. Out.

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