1 Year anniversery of Narcissu 2 Eng. Let's get people to play it!

It’s been exactly one year since the release of Narcissu 2 If you haven’t yet, Download it なう

All told, in the year, after counting the download counts I have available, I know that at least 7500 people have downloaded the game (In reality it’s higher, there’s lots of download locations I don’t have stats for)

That’s an awesome number, but think about how many people that you know who haven’t played it yet. Everyone who’s played this game knows what a beautiful and moving story it is. Why don’t we get a few people we know to do it!!

That’s why we should meetup everywhere and make your friends cry! Meet up, organize, spread the word!!
April 9, or even before, go out and make some friend cry! \o/

For people in the NYC area who want to meet up, if people find a time and place, I’ll try my best to make an appearance (schedule permitting).

Grab a bunch of friends and introduce them to the game. Tie them into chairs and tape their eyes open if you have to! It works on Windows, Mac, even Unix! Both Narci 1 and 2 are included! There’s no excuse not to play it! \o/ gogogo!


  1. Corti
    03/30/2011 06:41 AM | #

    Meet up? No, I’d rather not have anyone see me cry while I replay. I will spread the Narcissu love though!

  2. Anya
    03/30/2011 11:25 AM | #

    I wanted to do this for Quartett! recently. I might actually go through it for the next occasion.

  3. pondrthis
    03/30/2011 12:14 PM | #

    I play the soundtrack on my PS3 while I cook. Add a few Sailor Moon piano arrange songs and a Joplin piece or two, and I call it my “cooking music” playlist.

    My girlfriend already loves the music, so I should tell her to play the game!

  4. CardcaptorRLH85
    03/30/2011 12:34 PM | #

    I know…I really need to actually play this game. I got it on its release day and installed it but I haven’t gotten around to actually playing it yet. Ok, it’s officially on my to-do list for April 2011 _

  5. anomaly
    03/31/2011 03:17 AM | #

    This work is quite underrated. I think it should be associated with similar works, so that it can be introduced to a larger audience. Instead of just saying that it’s “some random game” to people, it can be identified as a specific type of work and be listed along with some other VNs for broader coverage. And since the whole concept of visual novel isn’t familiar to everyone, this work can address that too and introduce the concept.

    And this page certainly isn’t helping. I hope someone does something about it. Places that explain the game should note that the link is outdated.

  6. anomaly
    03/31/2011 03:53 AM | #

    And I wish they would release the manga elsewhere, too. It’s short (2 volumes) but it looks like a good adaptation, and a good opportunity to make the series known.

  7. 04/02/2011 11:29 PM | #

    i should play this game again, and finish play it for the 4th times XD

  8. Jack
    05/22/2011 04:03 AM | #

    Just finished 2nd side, loved it. It’s also nice to have VNs that don’t have hentai in them. Plus the sound’s fantastic and love that a free game has voice!

  9. Kud
    07/26/2011 03:01 AM | #

    I JUST NOW found out that Narcissu 2 FINALLY got released! I’m SOOO excited!! Honestly I saw the last update saying a release in 2009 after how many years since the demo was released? And then once that passed with no information I just plain gave up hope. This might be what happened with lots of other people too. If I didn’t stumble upon this again like I did today, I’d prolly still have just forgotten all about this. Let’s get the word out people!

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