Muvluv - The Synopsis Project

What can I say. I love the story behind Muvluv. Except, the story is very very very long. It’s taken me days and days (okay years of real time, days of work time) of work to do half of Gin’iro (at the time of this writing). Muvluv, being 2 games, and taking far more hours for me to PLAY, scares me at the thought of translating line by line.

So, instead, a compromise. I’ll slowly, replay through the games, and scribble down summaries of what happens along the way. Of course, the problem is that I’ve got other projects and such, so it’s taking a looong looong time. But, I figure I can do this in slow installments. Probably one every few weeks… or so?

Anyways, eventually I’ll finish. Really… Hopefully by the time summer swings around again… I can’t guarantee that I’ll get everything right, in fact, I’m fairly sure I’ll make mistakes once in awhile, hopefully not about critical points. But to the best of my ability without being irrational and perfectionist about it, I’ll try to do things right.

Currently in progress:

Muvluv: Unlimited

Currently delayed until the completion of the Narcissu2 project. Scheduled for continuation after that is completed.

What’s been completed so far:



  1. AcroRay
    03/13/2008 10:09 AM | #

    Hey, Agilis! Any more MuvLuv synopsis on the horizon? I’m really interested in hearing about Alternative, Altered Fable and Total Eclipse from your pen! Pretty please? :-)

  2. 03/13/2008 10:40 AM | #

    Mm. Narcissu side 2nd will be ending…… relatively soon. After that I plan on restarting the project (along with other projects…) So when the big celebration for Narci2’s release is going on, I’ll be working on something or other already.

  3. AcroRay
    03/13/2008 03:03 PM | #

    Yay! Looking forward to it, and best of luck with Narcissu!

  4. Gundamboi
    09/24/2009 03:40 PM | #

    First of all, props for the effort. I really appreciate your translation project! I’ve been really addicted with Muv Luv since I heard “Asu e no houkou”. And I just love their Tactical machines

    The only visual novel that I manged to finish was Clannad because it already had an English patch.

    Anyways, good luck with your projects

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