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Because Narcissu Side Second has top priority and is taking so very long, I feel somewhat bad about leaving other projects totally in limbo.

So, looking around, I decided to do a little something special for the end of the year. So here, I bring you the special ending given in the Muvluv: Extra light novels that came out in 2007.

Why’s it special? Well, because the author hired to novelize the games couldn’t pick between Sumika and Meiya, not that I blame him. So, instead of buckling down and picking one anyways, he went back to Age, and managed to work with them to write up a suitable new ending that fits nicely into the overall arc of how
all the stories will play out.

Overall, the novels of course differ from the games quite a bit, simply because they’re only 300 pages or so each, not to mention they’re linear. But overall, they’re pretty well written and true to the overall story of the games. I’ve read other novelized games that were far worse anyways.

As always, I’m debating how much detail I want to put in, since my tired “it’s 3am you moron” side is telling me to keep things relatively short, and my obsessive compulsive translator side is shouting “But you can convey everything without a line by line!” Anyways, it’ll be a happy medium in between, skipping over this and that, but getting the general flow of events more or less through.

We will start off the ending where the major branch point occurs between game events and the novels. After Meiya has runs away, thinking Takeru has overheard her conversation with Tsukuyomi at night. Takeru then wakes up and remembers the promise that he made with Meiya long ago. Then, Sumika tells Takeru to go after Meiya and runs off crying somewhere. After searching, Takeru finds Sumika, and Tsukuyomi on the hill and is told to choose either Sumika or Meiya…

Takeru’s choice is Sumika. Here, were it the game, then Takeru and Sumika know from Tsukuyomi that they’ll probably never see Meiya again. However, things change. Peering up at him, Sumika says she knows what Takeru is thinking, that even if he chose Sumika, he also doesn’t want to lose the fun days that everyone had together with Meiya. After all, Meiya must be crying right now, and Takeru isn’t one to just a girl cry like that and stay quiet.

And so, the two of them rush off to Tsukuyomi together to try to meet up with Meiya and stop Meiya’s wedding with some stranger she’s never met. If course, Tsukuyomi resists, explaining that as the head of Mitsurugi Zaibatsu, bearing the weight of some few hundred thousand lives, Meiya doesn’t have the freedom to be selfish.

Of course, it’s difficult to stand up to that sort of thing, but Takeru being how he is, he doesn’t back down. If Meiya goes away, she’ll be unhappy, Sumika and himself would be unhappy, the rest of the gang at school would be unhappy also. And how can someone who can’t make themselves or their friends happy, bring happiness to a few hundred thousand?

At that, Tsukuyomi realizes just what sort of friends Meiya has made in just the past few months. Since they so clearly think so much of Meiya’s happiness, and since she always wanted Meiya to
be happy also, she agrees to work with them and take them to Meiya.

This is where things get really chaotic, and actually, now that I think about it, it’s got a similar feel of Altered Fable’s Final Extra scenario, so it fits Extra. Anyways, Tsukuyomi summons a helicopter at night to take them to where Meiya will be holding
her wedding the next day. Sumika sends out a mail and the rest of the gang, Sakaki, Ayamine, Tamase, Yoroi all rush over to join in getting Meiya back.

Along the way, she tells them that Mitsurugi has only the most highly trained guards and security in the premesis, and while they’re probably not going to kill anyone (since they’re so awesome), getting caught and beat up is definitely possible. Especially in Takeru’s case, since he’s well known to most people there as “the guy who stole Meya’s heart and then broke it.”

When they get to the mansion/complex/gigantic castle that’s the Mitsurugi main house, Tsukuyomi sends them off from the heliport alone, while she goes to create a distraction with the security.
Not that it matters too much since they run into security cameras soon and guards start rushing in. Here, Tama starts shooting at the guards with arrows loaded with pepper powder balls, and Yoroi’s knocking guards out. They hold off here and let the others go on ahead…

Next, getting to another spot, they run across more cameras. Sakaki takes out some lacrosse sticks and passing one to Ayamine, they wreck one with a ball. Then the other cameras look over and more guards come. Here, Sakaki and Kei hold the guards off using specially made balls given to them
by Yuuko, magnesium-based flare-like things. While the guards are blinded, Takeru and Sumika run off, leaving the other two to deal with things.

Next, running down the halls, Takeru and Sumika are being chased by a huge group of guys dressed in black. After Sumika trips, they’re unable to get away and the men on top of that are out to get Takeru for hurting Meiya. Why? Because, they’re all part of the Meiya Fan Club…. (quite a large club apparently, membership numbers go past 550k). But just when they’re about to pound Takeru, Meiya’s 3 maids, Kamio, Tomoe, Ebisu, appear in a big flashy smoke bomb adn start hurling insults at the men. Things about how they don’t understand women and keep writing pathetic love letters. It doesn’t take long before there’s a gigantic fight going on, and one maid hands Sumika a frying pan, at which point she starts smacking people around too. They send Takeru off to Meiya.

Finally, Takeru gets to Meiya, who has gotten into her wedding dress in preparation for the ceremony. At first, she was hopeful that he had come for her, but he tells her that he had chosen Sumika. When she hears that, of course she’s hurt, and tells him that she’s happy she got to see him one more time but that he should be spending his time with Sumika. Takeru can see that she’s just putting up her usual brave face. So he tells her that not just him, but everyone else, have come to the castle, causing the huge ruckus that she’s been hearing all this time, with guards and dogs and all sorts of dangers, just for her. Why? Because they’re friends.

After hearing this, Meiya decides she wants to go back to everyone and orders Tsukuyomi to cancel the ceremony. Meanwhile, Meiya and Tsukuyomi rush to get Takeru and everyone else away before Meiya’s grandfather Raiden, the current head of Mitsurugi, hears of this.

Of course, that doesn’t work out, since Raiden appears right then. He reminds Meiya of her duties to all the people, and she has trouble standing up to that and the ceremony is to go as planned.
So Takeru instead stands up and declares that he opposes the wedding. There’s a heated argument between the two, with Takeru finally saying that no one wants to ask someone who can’t make
themselves happy make others happy. Raiden complements Takeru on his skill with words, but, drawing his sword, says that words alone are nothing.

Here, he gives Takeru a choice, he can leave now, and Raiden would overlook everything that had passed today. Takeru, while terrified at the deadly aura Raiden is projecting, refuses. He
wouldn’t be able to face all the others if he backed off. Raiden then says that killing Takeru would be a simple thing for the powerful Mitsurugi, and while he might not want to, he would do
so for the sake of the Mitsurugi and Meiya. Takeru still refuses, and Raiden moves to chop Takeru down.

However, Raiden’s blade meets metal. Meiya had taken her Manrukamui and jumped in front of Takeru to protect him, she won’t let anyone harm Takeru. Raiden is shocked, since his granddaughter had never once defied him before. He also recognizes the style Meiya’s sword, the same as his old friend and Meiya’s master, Daizaburo. He’s reminded of how his friendship with Daizaburo had shaped him to who he is, and notices that
Meiya has that similar light of strong friendship in her eyes as she fights back. Moreover, Takeru behind her is looking back at him in the same way. Even though he hadn’t intended on really killing
Takeru, the aura of killing that he had projected had been real, and no normal person could just stand there, and here were two.

Thinking he may have gone a bit too far, Raiden knocks Meiya back, then turns around. He angrily shouts that Meiya is far too immature to be trusted with the estate, the ceremony is postponed. He them tells Meiya to go train herself in obscurity, with Tsukuyomi in charge of it, and leaves. Takeru isn’t quite sure what happened thanks to the roundabout high-class Japanese being used, but both Tsukuyomi and Meiya are ecstatic, since it means that Meiya can go back to everyone now.

Afterwards, everyone — all 11 of them (the gang (7) + 3 maids + Tsukuyomi, for reasons not explained) returns to Takeru’s home, and moreover, they all crash in Takeru’s room. Poor Yoroi is
left sleeping on the desk of all things, and all the girls are jammed together on the floor. Takeru, of course, is sandwiched between Meiya and Sumika on the bed. Either way, Takeru’s chaotic
world where girls are fighting for his affection continue on…

That night, just a little bit of fate, a dash of chance, a smidge of cause and effect happened. No one noticed, well, one person did, but was unable to stop it. When the sun came up the next day,
Takeru woke up alone. Searching for everyone, he goes outside, to find that the world he knew was gone, replaced by the crumbling ruins of a different world…


  1. AcroRay
    01/08/2008 01:57 PM | #

    Wow – What a wonderful New Year’s gift! Thanks SOOO much for posting this! It must have been a fun read, and seems very well done on the part of the author & Age’s staff.

    What’s the ISBN of the book, if I might ask?

    Thank you!
    Japanese-illiterate Muvluv aficionado

  2. 01/08/2008 10:47 PM | #

    Wikipedia will be helpful for future volumes I’d imagine.

    But in any case, for the volumes that are out already
    Extra 1: ISBN 408630323X
    Extra 2: ISBN 4086303442
    Unlimited 1: ISBN 408630371X
    Unlimited 2: ISBN 4086303906

  3. Tester
    05/30/2012 12:02 AM | #

    Idiotic ending. All muv-luv games state that in life we must face difficult decisions from which we cant escape. Such ending is childish and deny everything. Sumika route should be canonical from the jap/anime/manga pov standards.

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