Muvluv - TSP - Extra - Part 5

Muvluv: The Synopsis Project
Extra mode – Part 5
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As Takeru sleeps, he has another dream about his past. Once more he dreams about a reclusive little girl that he met on the playground, the girl that he had always thought was Sumika. Except now, the dream was different, the girl’s name was Meiya, and she shared his birthday with him that very day. Learning that she doesn’t get a party or presents, he decides to make a cake (out of sand of course) with her and invites her to come celebrate her birthday with him at his house. But she refuses, saying you can’t do that until you’re married, so, he offers to marry her, and since they can’t do it now, promises to do so in the future when they grow up.

But then Meiya’s parents came to take her far away, and in the end, the father tells both of them that since they had made a promise with each other, so long as they never forgot their promise, they’ll meet again someday. So, they have to say their farewells today, and when Meiya says “bye-bye” Takeru tells her, repeating something from his favorite TV show, “No, not “bye-bye” but “See you again!”” And in the background where the two of them were playing, stuck in the sand pit, was a purple sheathed katana, with the words “Meiya” written on it, the same one that she carries to this day.

Takeru wakes up, finally remembering what Meiya had been trying to get him to remember all this time. But she has already already disappeared. The door that was installed in his room, was gone, Tsukuyomi, the 3 maids, gone, when he stepped outside, even the huge mansion was sealed behind walls being deconstructed. All that is left of Meiya is the ring that she gave him as a gift, sitting on his desk.

Sumika calls to him from the window, and tells her that Meiya had gone home, because “she couldn’t honor the oath.” Takeru told Sumika that he remembered the promise that he had made on his own, and Sumika told him that Meiya told her as a fellow rival. She goes on to explain that when she was little, Meiya actually lived nearby, that she had an older twin sister that she had never met. Since the Mitsurugi family believed that twins would divide the house, they were separated, and she lived nearby until she was about 3.

But then, there was an accident, and both parents and her sister died, leaving Meiya as the sole heir. It was on the day when she was to be taken back that Takeru met her. Meiya was allowed to come back because she had swore that Takeru had to be the one who remembered the promise, that she couldn’t just tell him. And so, last night, she had thought he had overheard everything and made to leave. Halfway through, she realized that he still hadn’t heard anything, but also noticed that her preparations to leave were the same as telling him, and so, came to him one last time, and left. That just a few hours ago, Meiya had given up on the promise she held dear since she was little, and left. Sumika tells Takeru to go to her, that when Meiya returns, there will be a someone that she had never met before waiting to marry her when she gets there. It was then that Takeru realized what Meiya meant when she said she doesn’t see dreams, because this was her dream.

Finally, Sumika gives Takeru Meiya’s final message, “Bye-bye.”

Sumika then tells Takeru that she loved him, that they’ve been together forever, laughing, arguing, doing all sorts of things, but since the hot springs, she realized that it couldn’t be her, that she could never become his lover. She had wanted something to happen then, she did everything she could, summoned all the courage she had, and still failed, so, with tears in her eyes, she tells him to go to Meiya. Even though she hadn’t wanted to get hurt, she didn’t want to just leave things the way they were, so she tried anyway, and she wished they had forever just stayed as friends. Now, unable to hold back her tears, she tells him “Takeru-chan, sorry… bye-bye.” and closes the window.

From behind the window, Takeru calls to her, and in tears, Sumika screams at him to go to Meiya, They can never go back to the way things were, she doesn’t want to be just seen as a childhood friend anymore. While crying, she shouts that of course she doesn’t want him to go to Meiya, but she can’t stand the sight of him anymore. And finally, while saying that she doesn’t want him to go away, she runs out of the house into the cold of winter without her coat.

Takeru runs outside also, searching the town for her, and finally, he comes to the last place where she might go, the tree on top of the hill near Hakuryou, the fateful tree from Kiminozo, where if you confessed your love under that tree, your love would last forever. There, Tsukuyomi was waiting for him.

Tsukuyomi explained that when the head of the Mitsurugi family fell ill, the question of the succession came up, and there, a husband was decided upon for Meiya. However, she refused to accept him, because of her promise to Takeru. There was a great disturbance, since Takeru was a commoner and such a marriage would be out of the question. However, after much debate it was decided that they would accept Meiya’s choice, on the condition that Meiya never speak of the promise, nor say that Takeru who she promised with, that Takeru must not only remember about the promise, but also that it was with Meiya, and finally, that Takeru must love her. The deadline: December 31st.

And here, Tsukuyomi asks him what he plans on doing. Now is the time to choose between the two girls. She tells him that she believes that the most important thing about life and love is the timing of the choice, one can always work to make things right after the choice has been made, but not the reverse, when the time comes, ready or not, a choice must be made. And so, Tsukuyomi summons Sumika out from hiding, and tells him to choose. And in closing, Tsukuyomi tells him that she loved how Meiya was while she was with him, and that this was the first time that she disobeyed Meiya: she had come here on her own, to take him with her if he so chooses. She tells him that she’ll wait by the front gates for 15 minutes, if he chooses Meiya, then he should come, and if he choose Meiya, then this is farewell.

Takeru and Sumika are left alone on the hill, They talk for a few minutes, and Sumika tells him that she’s happy that she didn’t ask for anything this Christmas, since he had always kept his promise about giving her a gift. And then, Takeru says that he’s decided, and so Sumika asks him, whom does he choose?


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