Muvluv - TSP - Extra - Part 6 - The Endings

Muvluv: The Synopsis Project *Extra mode – Part 6: The Ending
For a bit about this project, take a look at The Synopsis Project .

The beautiful part about Muvluv is that depending on how dedicated you were during the story, you might not even get to choose, as the story will choose for you.

Sumika’s Ending

When you choose Sumika, she falls into Takeru’s arms crying. he tells her that he’s not sure exactly what he feels about her, whether it’s love or not, but only that he’s sure that he wants to be with her always. He also tells her that he’ll work hard to see her as something more than just a childhood friend.

The time limit passes, and Takeru decides that he won’t meet Meiya again, but he does say that he is thankful that he met Meiya. That night, after the requisite H scene, they plan on spending Christmas together going out visiting shops, eating cake, watching movies, and all sorts of things.

And come Christmas, they do all those things, in what is to be their first real date. Finally, at the end of the day, once again they’re on that hill where as children they used to wait for Santa, and there, as the lights of the city twinkle in the night and snow begins to fall around them, they share a kiss.

Meiya’s Ending

When you tell Sumika that you choose Meiya, Sumika isn’t surprised. Instead, she asks whether it’s because you made a promise, but you reply that it’s more than that. Sumika presses you further, and finally you admit that you love Meiya. She tells him that to the end, he was like himself, always cool, and tells him,”bye-bye” before he runs down to the gates.

There, Tsukuyomi is surprised that Takeru came, but before she could get him into her car, the 60-meter Limo pulls up blocking her. Takahashi and the 3 maids come out, and tell Tsukuyomi to stop what she’s doing. Takahashi refuses to take Takeru, and even when Takeru shows them the ring that Meiya gave him as a gift, Takahashi tells him that his orders come from the head of the Mitsurugi, which out-ranks Meiya’s authority. Seeing that this is getting nowhere, Takeru starts to run off, shouting that Meiya’s his woman and he’s not going to let people get in the way. It is then that Takahashi reveals that his orders were only to take Tsukuyomi back, and nothing about Takeru. With that, everyone gets into the limo and speed off towards Meiya’s marriage ceremony.

Inside the limo, Tsukuyomi tells him a number of things. The fact that Takeru might have overhead something wasn’t enough of a reason for Meiya to have gone off. Meiya had been struggling with something for a while. After spending time with Takeru, experiencing the bright days that he did, she had started to waver. The head of Mitsurugi told Meiya when she said she would marry Takeru: “The common people have a happiness known as the commoner’s freedom. To take one into the Mitsurugi, is to take that away, and demand a harsh and lofty path for them.” And that fear that her dream would cause Takeru to be unhappy was what made her leave. But Takeru doesn’t care about such things, he has chosen, and that’s that.

Finally, Takahashi arrives at the gates of the Mitsurugi, however, if they stop at the security checkpoints, they would never make it in time, so in a grand action scene, they crash through the security, summoning all sorts of alarms, spotlights, helicopters, soldiers, and gunfire. Luckily, the limo was designed to carry important members of the Mitsurugi family, and can survive even anti-tank missile fire. Crashing through the front door, Takahashi says he’s made a new record before he passes out, and Tsukuyomi and the 3 maids stay behind to hold back the security forces while Takeru runs to the ceremony.

Bursting into the ceremony, Meiya is shocked and runs off while a bunch of sword-bearing guards rush at Takeru. The only thing that saves him is that ring Meiya gave him. Apparently, she had just been made the 79th head of the Mitsurugi, but Takeru’s appearance had interrupted the marriage ceremony. So he chases after her, all the way to the rooftop.

There, she shouts at him to leave, that he doesn’t understand what it means to marry her, to lose his freedom and bear the weight of a few million lives. And despite that, Takeru tells her that he’s ready to throw away everything to be with her, even going so far as to leave Sumika behind. He finally convinces her to admit that she loves him, and about then, the section of roof they were standing on caves in.

Takeru and Meiya find themselves… on a bed, with a letter from Tsukuyomi reading “Meiya-sama, Please never forget how to behave in the bedroom -Tsukuyomi.” Did I mention that the manual specifically states that Tsukuyomi’s a virgin?

Later, we find Tsukuyomi persistently waking Takeru up, at 4 in the morning, bearing a packed schedule, on a sunday. Takeru has a lot of work to do, including catching up to Meiya. Of course, he starts complaining about the work and stress. To help him adjust to things, Meiya had his old room recreated, even though she feels a larger room would help him relax more. And Tsukuyomi thinks that telling the master chefs to recreate the taste of instant ramen to be too cruel.

Finally, Takeru complains that he hasn’t had any time to spend with Meiya, and according to their schedules, they won’t have matching break times for another 2 weeks, for 4 hours, and the last time they’ve had matching breaks, was 10 days ago, for 3 hours. And so, eventually Takeru convinces Tsukuyomi to change things around so that on Sundays he can spend some time with Meiya, and then immediately drags Meiya off to another room where she finds more video games he’s been buying. To quiet her down, he kisses her.


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