Muvluv - TSP - Extra - Part 1

Muvluv: The Synopsis Project
Extra Mode, part 1

This project will be a spoiler heavy synopsis of the story that is contained within the Muvluv universe. It is not a complete synopsis in that it will tell the story of all the various branchings that occur within the two games that focus upon the “side” heroines, but will instead focus primarily upon the stories of the two “main” heroines. Of course, things are not as clear cut as this, and should details of the other stories need to be explained, they will be explained accordingly. This is written partly from memory, but mostly from replaying the game in parallel. This winds up meaning that my tendencies as a fan translator will show up, meaning I can turn a bit lengthy as I feel that more and more stuff should be included in order to portray the story properly. So, while you probably will get something close to a blow-by-blow description when it comes to story, I’ll compress things, or quickly run through things that have complex terms that take me awhile to otherwise translate.

Finally, Muvluv, especially Extra, has lots of comedy in it. Sometimes those are important to the story, sometimes not, and I’ll cut them out or not as necessary. More serious things tends to have more story elements in them, so they’re more often included. Don’t let my synopsis skew you into thinking that the game is less funny than it really is.

That said, the entire story of Muvluv, ultimately focuses upon the two main heroines: Kagami Sumika, and Mitsurugi Meiya. One of the reasons that they are considered the “main” heroines, is because both of their stories in Extra must be completed before the Unlimited scenario is unlocked.

The story begins quietly with entries from Sumika’s diaries. Right away, we see that Takeru and Sumika have been together for a very long time. The entries are not voiced, simply text and cartoon-like animations showing Takeru picking on Sumika in grade school, but in the end getting her out of trouble with a teacher, we see Sumika franticly studying for exams in order to get into Hakuryouhiiragi to stay with Takeru, and finally, we hear that both of them can’t think of life without the other.

Next, we truly start our lives through the eyes of Takeru. It is Oct. 20th 2001, and Takeru’s parents are preparing for a big trip. Sumika comes by, as she always does, to come wake you up. In about the first 15 seconds of the scene, before you even see her, you can tell she is an extremely bright, and loud (more nicely, high tension) character. Add in a few more seconds involving you touching her chest (repeatedly) upon waking up, and you’ll learn that she can get even louder and packs a mean uppercut also.

After a good deal of joking around, usually involving Sumika being loud about something, Takeru getting annoyed and then hitting her, and her subsequent speedy recovery (a pattern that is repeated, often, in many variations and degrees of extravagance), the two of them go out shopping and even enjoy something that vaguely resembles a date, if it weren’t for the fact that the two of them constantly poke fun or argue with each other.

After their shopping trip, that night, Sumika and Takeru have a chat from their windows since their rooms face each other. Although it doesn’t seem to be an everyday occurrence, it seems that at the end of the day, they’ll have small little talks about whatever’s on their minds.

Takeru’s parents leave the next day, and the day after, the 22nd, is a school day. In the morning, in perhaps one of the best “osananajimi comes to wake you up” scenes in history, Sumika comes to wake you up, having received a key from Takeru’s mother expressly for that purpose. What she did not count on, was the chain lock that Takeru habitually latches on every night. Because of that, we are treated to Sumika hammering at the front door and shouting while Takeru slowly wakes up.

However, he does not wake up alone. To his surprise, there is a blue haired girl who speaks like an imperial princess, lying next to him wearing only a white robe. He has no idea who she is, and how she got there, but before he has a chance to act, Sumika has returned with a way to undo the chain (bolt cutters are amazing things). She immediately flies up the stairs to Takeru’s room (but not without tripping and falling once). Still, the inevitable happens, despite attempts to hide the girl with yourself under the covers, and Sumika sends Takeru into orbit as the openning song and movie begins to play.

At school, Jinguji Marimo, the homeroom and English teacher for Sumika and Takeru’s class has a sad announcement to make: Gouda Jouji (that nut from Akane Maniax) has transferred out, despite only transferring in a few months ago, and there being only a few months to go before graduation, something about being drafted for a major baseball team. In addition, Marimo has another announcement, there will be a student transfering into the class, and, of course, it’s that girl from this morning. She introduces herself as Mitsurugi Meiya, and goes right on to thank Takeru (by first name) for the wonderful night he gave her last night, letting her feel his warmth. And, as for her seat, it just so happens that there’s a seat open next to Takeru, which used to be occupied by Gouda. By now, the class has exploded.

Meiya is extremely direct and with no embarassment whatsoever openly displays her interest in Takeru, going so far as to insist that he call her “Meiya.” Much of her behavior stems from the fact that she believes, and openly declares, that Takeru and her are bound together by an “absolute fate.” She is a bit naive about certain things in the world, and often relies upon Tsukuyomi, her maid/guardian/ninja for advice.

Soon after Meiya’s arrival, we notice that Sumika already feels the pressure of the appearance of a rival. Meiya’s open display of interest in Takeru, not to mention constantly finding her way into his bed at night, has Sumika all jealous. To make things worse, Meiya seems to possess utmost confidence in her bond with Takeru, and does not even mind that Sumika begins to step up her own efforts to keep Takeru.


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