Muvluv - TSP - Extra - Part 2

Muvluv: The Synopsis Project
Extra mode: Part 2
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We find out that Meiya is the heir to the Mitsurugi Zaibatsu, a super large conglomerate that has dealings in everything from heavy industry to banks to family restaraunts. The people of the zaibatsu live by the motto “We make the impossible possible.” We see ample evidence of that by little things like, when Meiya wanted to make lunch for Takeru, a quick phone call summoned an army of professional chefs, air dropped to the school in minutes. when Takeru and Sumika both eventually convinced Meiya that living in the same house as Takeru was bad, Tsukuyomi arranged for a huge swathe of the neighborhood, many streets away, to be all bought up (at very handsome prices) and a huge mansion erected for Meiya, in less than a week. The only remaining buildings nearby are Takeru and Sumika’s homes and a small neighborhood park. Naturally there is a door connecting Takeru’s room to the mansion, for whenever Meiya wants to visit.

And by the way, Meiya has a driver, Takahashi Ichimonji, who drives a 60-meter limo and bears and amazing resemblance to Takumi of Initial D (Toumonji D in Japan). He’s always carrying around a laptop researching how to go from place to place as fast as possible.

Over the course of the story, we catch little flashback dreams of Takeru from when he was a child growing up with Sumika. We learn that one day long ago, Sumika was crying because she had tried to stay up to see Santa and that night Santa didn’t come. Takeru convinced her that he’ll have a talk with Santa to get her a present. The next day, he gave her a small keychain with a bunny dressed up as Santa as a present, at the time she didn’t know it was from him instead of Santa, but since that day, they’ve been exchanging presents.

Quickly however, Meiya becomes incorporated into Takeru’s circle of friends. Her strong will, levelheadedness, and noble character help her become accepted by everyone. That is not to say that there aren’t some tensions between them, after all, all the girls have a personal interest in Takeru, and there can only be one winner in that contest. In fact, the first major event of the game is instigated by the evil genius Koudzuki Yuuko. Yuuko loves to play with her students like a cat plays with mice, this includes coming up with an entirely new and complex theory about how simulating human brains using parallel computing is and old idea and there needs to be a revolution… or something, one day during physics class, filling the board with many forumlas and drawings, while threatening to put it on the exam if the students didn’t listen to her.

What was Yuuko’s sadistic little plan this time? Since Sumika and Meiya had been arguing over who got to feed Takeru, it’s going to be a cook off! The prize? A date with Takeru. At first, most of the girls thought it was a preposterous idea, but Yuuko is very good at manipulating people, and the date for the contest is agreed. The whole gang gathers and for the battle, meanwhile, poor Yoroi discovers that Tsukuyomi has a fondness for young cute boys.

At the end, the girls get to present their dishes. Sumika presents a meal made entirely of Takeru’s favorite foods, cooked just as he likes them. Meiya presents a chinese feast fit for an emperor, literally, cooked by her army of master chefs of course. Tamase presents a gigantic rice ball with all sorts of things stuck into it. Iincho (a.k.a. Sakaki) presents a carefully prepared boxed lunch. And finally Ayamine presents a single Yakisoba-pan (her own personal favorite food). Takeru gets to pick which of the dishes that he likes the most, and the lucky girl gets to go out on a date with him.

Regardless of whether you choose Meiya or Sumika, you get to go to the amusement park for the date. Sumika loves roller coasters, and essentially goads Takeru onto a demon coaster with a 50 meter drop and 10 continuous loops. They also find a lost child, and take him to watch a show involving characters that appear to be the power rangers. It just so happens that Sumika gets taken as a “hostage” as part of the show, and a figure in a black trench coat armed with a katana and an imperial mode of speech goes to the rescue, almost beheading the poor actor.

Later, while the sun was setting, Sumika asks whether they’ll be able to go to the amusement part again next summer. She admits that something has happened that made her realize something, but by that time she was already in a tight situation, and wondered if she had only realized it sooner, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Takeru of course, has no idea what she’s talking about.

For Meiya, things are just as exciting. The two of you get to enter a haunted house attraction, except Meiya doesn’t know that the whole thing was an attraction and not real. One thing leads to another, and Meiya starts to believe she’s actually dealing with spirits and ghosts, and defends herself with her sword. In the background, we hear a voice that sounds like Sumika screaming for help as the lights go out.

When they come across the lost child this time, Meiya simply calls up Tsukuyomi to find the kid’s parents. While they wait, they go and have some lunch. The kid gets a hot dog and manages to make an amazing mess with just that bit of food. Meiya winds up being covered in ketchup in a few moments. Finally though, the parents come for the kid, and the kid tells Meiya “bye-bye”, to which she replies, “You want to see me again right? In that case, it’s not ‘bye-bye’ (bai-bai) but ‘see you again’ (mata-ne).” Hearing this, Takeru stops and wonders where he had heard that phrase before.

Along the way, normal days go by, and one day, Yuuko’s teaching physics again. And at some point, she mentions she was playing an extremely dull RPG on the Playstat2 when a new brilliant idea came to her. She then starts babbling excitedly about parallel computers, and how creating a parallel computer to mimic the human brain is the wrong way to go about it. “What’s needed isn’t an evolution, but a revolution!” she says. Then she starts writing all over the board and babbling something about causality and quantum theory, the nobel prize, then runs off to write down the theory into her notebooks, leaving the class as self-study. Yes, she’s a genius, and that’s what they do… apparently.


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