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Active Projects:

These are projects that I’m still working on when I have time. As usual, no release schedules, they’re done whenever I finish them. However, if they’re listed here, I haven’t given up on them yet.

Narcissu Side 2nd – Completed!

Project page

Now in maintenance mode.

Learn to organize visual novel translation projects

Ever wonder what it takes to do a translation? Want to do your own but have no idea what’s going on? Curious why some groups get work done and others seem to flop around?

A growing collection of articles is here

Muvluv Synopsis Project

A rather long, spoiler loaded synopsis of the story of Muvluv and Muvluv Alternative. It’s almost like a translation… but not quite. More detail on the actual project page.

Project page

Gin’iro Novelisation Project

Extended project to not only translate the game Gin’iro, but to take the text, and turn it into a stand-alone book-like form. No project page at the moment, but the first of 5 chapters is up on the Download Page


Song lyrics of songs I happened to like and found the time to get the lyrics and translate on a whim. They’re listed under the lyrics category section.

Note that there are multiple pages in the category list, and it only displays 10 at a time. If you’re in a hurry, use the search function.

Completed lyrics include songs from:

  • Gin’iro
  • Muvluv
  • Narcissu and Side 2nd
  • Natsumegu
  • ef – the first tale


Once in awhile, I write pieces about various topics, mostly having to do with translating or project management, goals, methodology, rants, each one is a short piece on some specific topic, but the entire collection itself happens to cover whatever was on my mind at the time of writing.

Editorials Listing

Completed Projects

Projects that I’ve decided, for better or worse, that I’m done with. I might consider reopening them for extraordinary circumstances.

ef The First Tale, Demo

As a guest translator, for about 25% of the entire script, and the lyrics to Eternal Feather.

No Name Losers ef page and short writeup on my end

Narcissu Side 2nd OP movie

Narci2 OP page

Narcissu Drama CD

Narcissu Drama CD Project page


Stage-Nana’s 2005 doujin work that was released, for free, to the masses. Novelisation as well as game-script version available. Much more details on the Download Page

Kotonoha Days mirror

April Fool’s 2006, 0verflow put up a page celebrating their 2005 game, School Days. Featuring, the really cute and adorable, slightly unbalanced and prone to homicide heroine, Kotonoha!

On a whim, I translated it for fun, and the mirror is still up. Project entry and link to the mirror can be found at: Kotonoha Days!