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Translation Related

でかだんびより : Dekadenbiyori :: A rather interesting blog by Nanatuha, someone in Japan, who has an interest in things that have been translated from Japanese to English. From being on the English side of things all the time, it's refreshing to see what the other side of the looking glass holds.

Deja Vu :: The home of the Deja Vu translation group~~ always coming out with good quality projects.

Insani :: Insani, a visual novel translation group, one of the very few out there. Has lots of resources and information for doing your own project.

Games Related

NekonekoSoft Homepage (jp) :: NekonekoSoft's homepage. Sadly, Scarlett will be their last game release before they shut down after 7 years. But still, they're nuts, they're great. Go take a look while they're still around.

Stage Nana (jp) :: Stage Nana, Homepage of Kataoka Tomo, original writer of Narcissu, as well as Gin'iro Chapter 1, scenario writer and chief director of the majority of NekoNekoSoft's games.


ねーこねこみゅにてぃー :: The Nekoneko community. A Japanese language only BBS where old NNS BBS regulars moved after the closing of Nekonekosoft.

encubed - :: The new VN news source. I part-time as editor/reporter there.

QuoteDB :: General quote db site

The Ren'ai Mailing List :: A Yahoo Group about Ren'ai games! Has a fair amount of activity when members get excited about something.


Blogs of various seiyuu and artists that I find interesting.

まきいづみ :: The blog of Maki Izumi, another prolific seiyuu with a rather distinctive voice. She keeps two chihuahuas that are named "Suzu" and "Bell".

ピカリンの徒然日記 :: The Blog of Pikarin, der, Hikaru-oneesama (Isshiki Hikaru(一色ヒカル)) a seiyuu I like. Some of her roles include: Hikari of School Days, Kousaka Ayano of Moshiraba, etc..She's a real nutty one.

KAKOぴょにっき。***blog version*** :: Blog for the singer KAKO. Often singing in later NNS songs, and in general sounds nice.

Neko Nyan Liberation :: Neko Nyan Liberation, a bunch of friends and I blogging about various otaku-like things, at the speed born of insanity.

TSUBUYAKI :: Goto Yuko's blog, She's been getting more and more anime roles lately it seems.

栗の子日記 :: Minami Kuribayashi's blog. It's so pink!