Remember, one of the greatest joys of creating an artisitic(?) work is having people comment, praise, or criticize for improvement, on the work. So I actively encourage people to contact me about things.

Gin’iro Novelisation Project

The GNP. A personal ongoing attempt to bring the story of Gin’iro, over to english, through the use of a novel-format instead of a direct game translation.

  • Giniro_ch1.pdf (185.35kB) Downloaded: 2762 times
    Last Modified: 2006-05-20 22:02
    Gin'iro Chapter 1, taken from a working version of the Gin'iro Novelisation Project. Released in 2005 so that people could appreciate the parallels between Gin'iro Chapter 1 and Narcissu.

Narcissu, Side 2nd

The prequel to Narcissu.

Completed Narcissu 2 English project page

Narcissu Drama CD project page

  • Narci2_drama_cd.pdf (135.97kB) Downloaded: 5252 times
    Last Modified: 2007-01-27 01:49
    Translated script of the Narcissu drama CD, from Comic Market 71, sold on December 31, 2007.


The Narcissu project. A free dojin game by Kataoka Tomo of NekoNekoSoft.

As of 2007, these files are rather outdated, and relatively inexact in the translation. However, I’m leaving them up as something like public record. A much more exact translation will be available (in game form) when the Narcissu Side 2nd project completes.

Novelisation project files: Narcissu, in pdf format, with various revisions.

  • Narcissu-v0.9.pdf (244.41kB) Downloaded: 1969 times
    Last Modified: 2006-03-03 10:55
    Narcissu Novelisation Project, version 0.9, initial translation.
  • Narcissu-v1.0.pdf (197.69kB) Downloaded: 2840 times
    Last Modified: 2006-03-03 10:58
    Narcissu Novelisation Project, version 1.0, first public release.
  • Narcissu-v2.pdf (249.30kB) Downloaded: 2988 times
    Last Modified: 2006-03-03 11:02
    Narcissu novelisation project, ver. 2.0, Significant translation corrections.

Game Files:

This is a script file that should work with Insani’s Narcissu game translation. Please back up your original nscript.dat, and unzip this version to replace it.