Welcome to the home of the Narcissu Side 2nd (Narci2) English project.

The most recent updated version of Narcissu 2 is on Steam! For free!

Here, you’ll find the May 2007 English release for “Narcissu: Side 2nd”. Also, an updated English version of the original Narcissu, (Narci1) from 2005 is also part of this release. It all comes in a single omnibus package.

2010-09-09 – Note to people visiting from Arch Linux – While it’s nice to link to this site from your narcissu-en package info Your narcissu2 package contains updated versions of the original narcissu, AND the sequel, in one package…

What Is “Narcissu”?

Originally, the story of “Narcissu” was written by Tomo Kataoka in 2005 and released for free download on the web. Mr. Kataoka has been exceedingly generous in allowing fans across the globe to translate these two games, on the condition that they be released for free just like the originals were. Thanks to that, the original game has been translated into a number of languages, including English , French , and Chinese . Anyone who is interested in bringing this story into other languages is encouraged to give it a try, and the translation community would be happy to help.

Revision History

Narcissu for PSP (Japanese) is out!