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Bungaku Shoujo animated film announced!

Woo! In perhaps the most balanced move between fans of the Bungaku Shoujo series of light novels and the trend of animating light novel series, a film adaptation will be made!

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Book review: The Translator's Invisibility

Lawrence Venuti’s “The Translator’s Invisibility: A History of Translation” is a tough book, a dense book, that challenges the notion that the best translations are transparent, where the translator is invisible. It does make a good case for why the alternatives should be considered. If you can find it in your library, give it a shot.

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Mysterious Bungaku Shoujo project announced

”文学少女” Project Memoire… will we see an animation? Bah who cares, the flash is pretty!

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Book addiction, hanging in air

Dictionaries, reference books, novels, … more novels, and a dash of manga. Semi-rational purchasing at its best!

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Dictionaries of Japanese Grammar

Wandering through the reference sections of bookstores out of habit pays off; the latest and final volume of the Makino and Tsutui’s Japanese Grammar dictionaries, “A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar” had just come out 2 weeks ago on April 25!

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Goodie-box - Narcissu Side Story Novels.

It’s no secret I spend a rather ridiculous amount of money on books, but even I think I might’ve gone a smidge too far with these little things… But they Are pretty…

Mmmmm Narcissu….

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Book addiction, at 50% off!

Do you know what happens when everything at a bookstore is marked down 50%? Well, something like this… the cashier lady was going “sugoi” to her coworker as she helped pack my items.

Oh, and pretty pictures of lots of LEDs on trees too.

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Book addiction, round two!

Well, it was bound to happen, I wound up buying more books… This time it was a small order! Only 13 volumes!

But hey, Full Metal Panic, Shana, Bungaku Shoujo, and in all sorts of quick little descriptions…

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Shakugan no Shana vol 12 translated excerpt

Some bonus reading for Thanksgiving this year.

Taken from the novels Shakugan no Shana 12 (灼眼のシャナXII), this is the last 3 pages of the epilogue (p247-250). Here. the flashback stories of the human Johan and tomogara Pheles, finally come to an end in this scene…

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Book addiction, meet international shipping.

Bad things happen when I find cost effective shipping for books. Lots of them.

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