Release - Narcissu2 Micro Test

Today, May 16, 2008, marks the 1 year anniversary of the Japanese release of Narcissu Side 2nd.

Since that day, Haeleth and I have been working on the translation project; days, nights, weekends, whenever we had time. I can’t speak for Haeleth of course, but I know that I’ve spent more than 500 hours on this project.

We certainly didn’t plan on it taking this long. In fact, I really wanted it done by last Christmas, or at least before the 1 year anniversary, but life, and full time jobs with no overtime pay does things like this.

But because we are still working, and would like reassure people that we are still alive, well, and haven’t abandoned the project, we’re marking the anniversary with this one really small release.

Downloads are available here:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Singable lyrics for the full song are now available here

The release is only for win32 this time. However, the final version should run on Windows (98/XP/Vista/etc), OS X, the *BSDs, Linux, and I’ve also heard Solaris was on the list… Anyways, when the full release comes, it will run in all sorts of places.

Incidentally, I’ve been informed that slower computers might have trouble playing the file properly… if people experience issues, let me know, that way I can see how widespread the problem is so we can set some kind of performance target.


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