Updated Narcissu 2 script released

After a bit of foot dragging on my part, I’m happy to release the v1.1 script to Narcissu 2!

To install, just download, extract, and overwrite the 0.utf in your Narcissu 2 directory with the new one.

Here’s the official changelist:

  • Minor typographical errors corrected
  • Two broken sound clips corrected
  • Very minor adjustments to the Agilis’s translations
  • Agilis-Haeleth translation notes merged into script
    • These notes have no affect on the game content

Thanks to many people on the Gemot who pointed out the many little errors that went into this fix. There’s nothing that majorly affects the story, but lots of little typos and quirks were fixed.

As for myself, the most interesting content is stuff that never shows up in the game. Inside the script files, I’ve hand-merged in most of the comments that Haeleth and I made during the translation process. These include many instances where we commented on each other’s scripts.

I’ll be posting an article soon about how to read the comments, but for now, enjoy the updated file.

You can get the file here:

  • Narcissu_2_Eng_v1.1_script_[All_platforms].zip (894.24kB) Downloaded: 7694 times
    Last Modified: 2011-02-03 00:18
    Updated v1.1 script file for all platforms. Please download and overwrite the 0.utf file in your existing installation. MD5: cbbdf90489e0b937454e4ed94d63824a _Warning: Save files might be broken upon updating the script. Loading a broken save file will cause the engine to behave bizarrely. There's no fix for that other than overwriting the save._


  1. anomaly
    06/01/2010 02:00 AM | #

    Awesome. Thanks for the update!

  2. Aelms
    06/02/2010 07:46 PM | #

    Even after the project’s completion, I’m still amazed at how much effort you put on bringing the best possible interpretation of Narcissu. And for that, I thank you with the greatest sincerity I can offer.

  3. Anonymous
    06/04/2010 02:54 AM | #

    “I guess the short of it is, someone who’s death has been confirmed.”

    It should be ‘whose’ since the word ‘whose’ is a possessive pronoun.

    Maybe a check for these kinds of mistakes are in order for the next update?

  4. anomaly
    06/17/2010 01:54 AM | #

    Some bad news… I loaded the game and it does really weird things. I loaded chapter 12, N & A, and yet I noticed that I don’t recognize the plot. I heard Setsumi’s voice when I wasn’t supposed to, and after being confused for a minute, I realized that what I loaded was actually from the chapter before (but with the background art still preserved in the load).

    I then saw that more than one load file became sort of corrupt. When I loaded Summer 15 chapter, it showed me Setsumi’s somersault pic, and yet Himeko was talking; in fact it could be some completely different chapter, from what I’ve seen and read. Loading a file leading to the Prologue sends me to what I suspect to be end of the game.

    I don’t really mind this as I can just start a chapter anew, which doesn’t seem to cause problems. It’s just loading the saved files. Still, this is really out of nowhere.

    I’m suspecting that version 1.1 caused it, although I don’t know if it’s my fault or what. Just letting you know.

  5. 06/17/2010 02:44 AM | #

    Oh, I certainly hadn’t expected that to happen.

    But yes, the updated script did probably cause that weird screw-up on load issue.

    The root cause is that the engine stores your location in the game pretty much with a pointer of sorts to a notional script. And when, if the script ‘changes enough’ (where I don’t know what ‘enough’ is) the pointer starts referring to some bizarre space in memory that causes the game to behave unpredictably. That’s what’s causing the mess you see.

    There’s little helping it, there’s no way to update the save files, the no way to fix v1.1 to allow backwards compatibility.

    I’ll put a warning up though. Thanks for the report.

  6. Legender
    10/23/2010 08:26 PM | #

    Hmm, I downloaded the script update but I’m not able to overwrite the old 0.utf file. I’m using a Mac…

    The error reads “The item 0.utf could not be moved because “Resources” cannot be modified.”

    “Resources” being the folder with the original 0.utf.

  7. 10/23/2010 08:28 PM | #

    Huh… I don’t have a mac, but it’s most likely the folder is write protected and it’s not letting you… just force it to be writable?

  8. Legender
    10/27/2010 04:15 PM | #

    I checked all the folders – I have read and write permission. Hmm. :/

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