Narcissu 2 English Ed. released as a complete OS

After close to 3 years of blood, sweat, and hard work. I’m proud to announce that Narcissu Side 2nd, English edition, is finally out.

Just go to the download page

There’s a ton more things to write about, such as a big giveaway contest, articles, bugs logs and discussions. However, no one will believe me if I posted things now, so I’ll get to them in a day or two.


  1. Magedark
    04/01/2010 02:35 AM | #

    What is this comprehended even can’t I?

  2. Bbb
    04/01/2010 10:10 AM | #

    I bet this is an April Fool’s joke. I’m not buying it. I’ll come back in a year or two when you’re really finished. >:(

  3. dPoon
    04/01/2010 06:05 PM | #

    Many thanks Agilis! I’ve been waiting a while and I’m sure you’re very happy to have finally put this out.

    I haven’t gone through it yet since I just don’t have the time (exams T^T), but I’m positive that I will thoroughly enjoy this .

    Once again, many thanks!

    **To all of the people who are doubting this, it is not an April Fool’s joke

  4. JVC
    04/03/2010 08:55 AM | #

    Waw ! Thank you so much ! FINALLY HERE !!!!

    And tkanks a lot for providing a Linux version !

  5. Zak
    04/10/2010 05:51 PM | #

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was being released in 03/31. I bet many believed it to be a April Fool’s joke but when my download finished and I saw it working I got tears in my eyes (haha, seriously)

    Thank you!!

  6. siamese
    10/11/2010 11:51 AM | #

    I still can’t believe you just gave me the disc for free at NYCC, considering all the work that must’ve went into translating this entire thing. I’m about venture into the lands of unknown now, wish me luck!

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