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I’m sure that out there there are people who would like to contact the creator of this wonderful series, Tomo Kataoka, with comments, reactions, and so on.

After a brief discussion with him, I’ve decided that I’ll be happy to relay any kinds of messages that English speaking readers may have to him, doing light translation of the messages going back and forth where necessary.

I promise to make a best effort attempt at passing messages on in a timely manner, provided my personal schedule allows for it. Also, even if I relay the messages, there is absolutely no guarantee that a reply will come back.

I reserve the right to not pass on any messages that appear to be spam, or be of malicious nature.

If you would still to send a message, then email me an email at agi (period) projectmail (at) . Please put [narci2-feedback] in the subject somewhere. That way I can spot the messages quickly.


  1. 08/13/2010 12:40 AM | #

    Hi there,

    Would you be interested in an online port of Narcissu?

    Please visit for a demonstration. (Use a browser other than Internet Explorer, though.)

    I like this game, and I thought of offering my spare time to accomplish
    this. The publishing company I work for has a visual novel engine that
    allows visual novels to load, play, and save progress online. They are willing to host the game, provided that they can use it for advertising/showcasing their engine.

    This would only work, of course, if stage-nana would agree to have the game ported to work online, and hosted at And if you would provide me with the english translation, and game assets.

    Please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in.

    Kind Regards,

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