Ponscripter Controls

The (P)onscripter engine that powers Narcissu 2 lacks one important feature of the original nscripter engine it emulates: The menubar. Because of that, certain common settings and features aren’t readily accessible except by keyboard commands.

Here’s the current list:

Text Display Speed:

1: slow
2: normal
3: fast
0: toggle slow/normal/fast


K/up: move up one option
J/down: move down one option
H/left: go back one page
L/right: go forward one page


F: toggle full screen / windowed mode
O: toggle display each page of text instantly
S: toggle fast forward
CTRL: super-fast forward while held down
ESC/right-click: display in-game menu

A: toggle automode

left-click/space/return/enter: advance the text (or select a highlighted option)


PONScripter is maintained by “Uncle” Mion Sonozaki, who may be contacted on
the web at http://onscripter.denpa.mobi or by email at UncleMion (at) gmail (dot)

PONScripter is licensed under the GNU Public License.


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