Narcissu 2 English Ed. Giveaway Contest

The contest has ended. Congratulations to all the winners.

Okay, this has been in the works since 2008.

As you might be aware of, the original releases of Narcissu Side 2nd have long sold out (having been replaced by Narcissu Die Dritte Welt and soon the PSP version). Inside the case were 2 CDs, a game disc, and an OST with most (not all) of the music from Narcissu 1 and 2.

I am happy to announce that with a little bit of help from Tomo Kataoka, the original creator. I had secured a box of the original discs a few years ago, and now I have 30 discs of them to give away for free.

Yes, that’s right. 30 copies of the original game, still sealed in the original plastic to give away.

The prizes

You think I’m screwing with you and this is one big April fool? Well here they are:

In addition, as part of my personal celebration for this project coming to an end, the winners will get a burned copy of the game. There’s no extra material on them or anything, just a little commemorative thing.

I also might have extra copies of the mini novel, visual fan book, etc. So someone lucky might get some bonus stuff.


Limit 1 entry per person.

I’ll throw out any duplicates anyways, so don’t waste my time making me hunt for them. If it gets annoying I’ll just delete all the clones and not leave one.

In general anyone that I can mail things to will be fine. This means I’ll prefer the US, but am not opposed to sending things overseas provided that I only have to fill out 1 small standard customs form.

If it’s someplace that will get my name on a Department of Homeland Security list somewhere, sorry.


To the winners and everyone else, $0. Nothing. Nada.

I thought about taking donations to cover all the shipping fees involved (30 dvd cases of 2cds each are HEAVY to ship international EMS from Japan by the way.) However, I don’t want people complaining that I’m being bribed, so no donations.

I might open something after the contest is already decided, but not a second before.

Decision making

Okay so how will this be decided? Easy, I have a form, you put in your last name, your zip code (or country+street name for those without a zip) and your email.

On June 1 I’m going to take the entire list, throw out any obvious fraud, clean it up, then run it through a little script to pick randomly. Or throw darts, papers thrown at stairs, whatever. In the end, 30 winners will be decided.

My decisions are final. I can do what I want with them. If you don’t like that, don’t play. If prizes go unclaimed after a period of time of my choosing, I can award it to someone else. You waive any right to complain.

So where’s the form?

I’m lazy, so I’m using a Google doc:

If you have ANY RESERVATIONS AT ALL about giving me your information and having it stored in a google doc, please don’t. I’ve got enough to worry about handling this without worrying about data security and integrity.

If you’re under 18, or are otherwise in a position where I can’t legally send you things or have your information, please don’t give me your information.

I promise not to use the information except for the purposes of this contest or something related to the Narcissu 2 release. I also won’t reveal the data to 3rd parties. I’ll try to keep the data safe and private, but it’s a google doc, there’s limits to that sort of thing.

By filling out the form you’re agreeing not to sue me for any reason. =P

The form was here


  1. HyoShin
    04/02/2010 12:38 PM | #

    By the way, is there any way to confirm our registration?

  2. 04/02/2010 03:48 PM | #

    Hrm….. confirmation is tricky since I can’t just make the sheet public.

    I’ll have to think about this…

  3. Tuan
    04/03/2010 09:52 PM | #

    Oh wow, this is really amazing. Thanks for giving me a chance to get one of these! crosses fingers

  4. Perceus Jackson
    04/04/2010 08:14 PM | #

    Woah this is GOAT! Hopefully I win =)

  5. sokar417
    04/05/2010 04:58 PM | #

    First off I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to get Narcissu Side 2nd since I truly loved it. I’d like to address a small something lol…I just want to say my last name really is “Ng” so don’t think its a fake please. It is strange but you’ll need to take it up with immigration. =P

  6. Merigrim
    04/05/2010 05:33 PM | #

    Thanks for this chance, I’ve been a Narcissu fan for quite a while now.
    By the way, you might have noticed me submitting two entries, but it’s not a duplicate, I just forgot to include my country on the first one :P

  7. 04/05/2010 06:59 PM | #

    For the most part, I’m fairly reasonable about fraud measures. If it’s a few isolated instances of duplicates, and I can infer that you were correcting info (missing data added, etc) I’m not going to be annoyed. I’m more worried about ballot stuffing, and I’ll be looking for that.

    Also, I’m not going to ask whether last names are “odd”. I’ve seen enough international names in my line of work that I’m not very surprised at them by now.

    Finally, I’ve thought about verification. And there’s no scalable way to do this. Instead I’ll allow a compromise.

    If you wish, you can re-enter your info a few days later, and add in “READD” into the email address field. (For example: “agi(dot)projectmail(at)gmail(dot)com READD

    And I won’t penalize people who do so.

  8. 04/09/2010 09:31 PM | #

    I’m not sure if this is feasible using Google Docs, but shouldn’t it be possible to send a copy of the info submitted to the specified email address as it’s being added to the spreadsheet? I know it’s possible with PHP, but I have no clue about Google Docs…

  9. 04/17/2010 06:35 PM | #

    Just looking at the list right this moment. Without going through weeding out any duplicates, there’s about 155 names on here.

    I’m somewhat surprised that (by eye) it’s about 50/50 US/Int’l addresses. Could actually be more Int’l than US if I actually counted properly…

  10. HyoShin
    04/29/2010 08:01 PM | #

    Well, I’m wondering, could you possibly do as TDOMMX said? It might not be possible to do it through GoogleDocs, but I think that it would be appreciated if some kind of confirmation notices were given out to those people who registered.

  11. 05/02/2010 06:14 PM | #

    If I had a bunch of days to hack at it, I can probably come up with something that links into the Google docs API. It’s not really worth the effort. I’m an analyst that codes on the side, not a web dev.

    So compromise position:
    MD5 hashes of everything I have as of Sun May 2 18:00:20 EDT 2010


    The md5 hash is of the emails I have. Use your favorite md5 tool, hash your email address, see if you’re on the list:
    (I spot-checked 3-4 emails with this )

    1) Any leading/trailing spaces were stripped out, no newlines at the end.

    2) Case sensitive! I used EXACTLY what was given to me, so if you used SomeKind@ofOddCaps, that’s maintained.

    3) A few READDs are in there. I just left the “ READD” tag on there. So counts are distorted somewhat.

    Anyone has any trouble, just leave a comment. Hopefully someone nice reading this can post a more clear explanation of what needs to be done.

  12. Helena
    05/04/2010 06:29 PM | #

    Thank you very much.

    Just in case someone doesn’t understand from what Agilis said:

    1. Open .txt file and the md5 generator.
    2. Type your e-mail address exactly as you typed it into the Google Doc into the generator.
    3. Click the “md5” button.
    4. Copy the hash.
    5. Use Ctrl+F on the .txt file and paste the hash in then search.

    That should clear enough.. o.o

    Well, in any case, thanks once again, Agilis~

  13. keichan
    05/08/2010 01:26 AM | #


  14. HyoShin
    06/02/2010 02:40 PM | #

    And the winners are….!!!

  15. 06/02/2010 03:03 PM | #

    Working on it…
    there were roughly 240 valid entries, of which about 47% were foreign countries, w/ entries from everywhere including Indonesia, Slovakia, UK, and New Zealand.

    I have to make sure the 30 people picked don’t have a weird mailing restriction before I announce people.


  16. Tuan
    06/02/2010 07:17 PM | #

    can’t wait for the results!! XD

  17. Magedark
    06/02/2010 11:25 PM | #


  18. le nuage
    06/04/2010 04:55 AM | #

    <>So it means we all have 1 chance out of 8 to get the price.

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