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Over time, many different versions of the original stories have been created, here’s an almost complete listing of the versions that exist. If there are more, please contact me Dates are often referenced in terms of Comike numbers (C76 being Summer 2008, C77 being Winter 2008).

Translated works

Narcissu 1 has been previously translated into these languages:

English Narcissu (note: this original English version had been ported to the current Narcissu 2 as well virtually unmodified by Haeleth.)

French Narcissu

Chinese Narcissu

Official works

Narcissu “Moshimo ashita ga aru nara”


Non-spoiler review here

A PSP omnibus edition that is scheduled to come out in June 24, 2010 by Kadokawa and Hobibox. It encompasses all the material released thus far in the first 3 games, as well as an additional final scenario. A whole slew of new art seems to have been added, with the artist the same one as for Die Dritte Welt.

The story of Narci 1 is also said to have been modified to take into account the many stories that were released after its release.

Narcissu: Die Dritte Welt

The 3rd and latest addition to the series. This time three guest scenario writers, all top tier writers from the commercial eroge/visual novel world, contributed their own story under the broad Narcissu theme of life and death and set in the same general world. The stories stand separately from the first two games and also independently from each other. However, they do occasionally borrow some characters and settings from previous storylines. Narci1 and 2 are both bundled in, as well as some epilogue material derived from the previously released supplements.

Light novel

Published by Mediafactory under their MF Bunko J label, ISBN 978-4-8401-2365-5 A light novel adaptation of the first game, written by Tomo Kataoka himself. Since it was written after Narci2 had already been released, some characters from Narci2 appear, Setsumi’s mother appears more, and a new helper, Makie is also introduced.

Manga adaptation

By Pochi Edoya, published by Mediafactory, serialized in Comic Alive and now published in two volumes. ISBN 978-4-8401-2580-2 and ISBN 978-4-8401-2984-8

A two volume adaptation of the first game, but also takes material from the light novel version in retelling the story,

Drama CDs

  1. C77: A drama CD released with a number of scenes from the non-game versions of Narci1 and 2. This includes some scenes from the light novel, some from the mini C75 mini novel and visual fan book. Even Yuu appears, and has a voice actor.
  2. C71 A preview of drama CD released before the completion of Narci2 when its release was delayed. It was essentially Himeko’s Prologue to Narci2 in drama CD format with almost no differences in the script.

Mini novel

Released in C75 a very short epilogue, about 50 pages, that shows some of the events surrounding Himeko after the ending of Narci 2. In a way, the mini novel was written for Yuka.

Visual fan book

Released in c72 a few months after the original release of Narci2. It was an artbook/materials book of sorts and was the first ‘supplemental’ material besides the games to be released. Here, Setsumi and Ato were first given their full names.


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