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Narcissu 2

Narcissu 2 is set about six or seven years before the events of the original Narcissu, while Setsumi was still just a regular outpatient living at home near the hospital. We meet Himeko, a former 7th floor helper at the hospital. Cheerful and full of energy, no one expected that she would one day be a patient in the same ward that she had spent so much time volunteering at. One summer day, while Setsumi was going to the hospital for an examination, Setsumi meets Himeko, and a long summer begins…


Death waits for us all, there’s no one who can avoid that. Nevertheless, life goes on and the world keeps moving.

But what of those who are thrust into the position of being the ones waiting for death, unable to participate in the moving, living world?

The 7th floor, the hospice. In that ward, Yuu and Setsumi meet. One, a college student only recently thrust into the life of a long-term hospital patient. The other, so used to the detached life of a hospital patient that she rarely shows emotion, or even interest in life.

With nowhere else that they could go, nothing else to do but watch television in the lounge, the only thing that moves are the days. There, their journey begins…


Narcissu 2 cast:

Himeko Shinohara

CV: Natsumi Yanase
Age 23.
Often called “Onee-san” (big sister). A car-loving girl with a bright and brisk personality.

Chihiro Shinohara

CV: Yuko Goto
Age 21
Himeko’s sister, a college student. Kind to everyone, and a volunteer helper in the hospital.

Yuka Akishima

CV: Yukiko Iwai
Age 23.
A bit of a not-true-to-herself type. Often dresses in frilly clothing but has a direct personality. Long time best friends with Himeko.

Setsumi Sakura

CV: Rino Ayakawa
Age 15 at the time of Narci2.
Main heroine of the story.

Onna no ko (little girl)

CV: Mamiko Noto
Age 8.
A 7th floor patient Himeko had been charged with. A hallmark of purity and innocence.

Setsumi’s Mother

CV: Tanaka Ryoko
Normally a bright and cheerful person. One of the people who understands Setsumi well.

Narcissu cast:

Yuu Ato :

CV: —
Age 21
A typical college student, doesn’t stand out but not a cold person at heart.

Setsumi Sakura

CV: Rino Ayakawa
Quiet and rarely shows emotion. Though she looks like a grade schooler, is age 22.


  1. 03/29/2010 12:34 AM | #

    cool, at least we feel that it really coming!! and oh yeah, there’s a typo on Characters/NACRISSU 2 CAST.

  2. 03/31/2010 09:51 PM | #

    BTW CV means voice actor right?

  3. Cirrus
    04/01/2010 09:18 PM | #

    Yes. “CV”, or “character voice.

  4. 04/27/2010 01:50 PM | #

    I like finding out about the seiyuus. Could make out Yuko Goto’s voice but wow Mamiko Noto! Puffy cute voice of Ana Coppola!

  5. 05/20/2010 07:45 AM | #

    This is pretty cool! You got two thumbs from me. Well…is there next version of Narcissu ? Please email me…

  6. anomaly
    07/13/2010 01:06 AM | #

    I really, really like the character voices. They truly give some life to them. I’ve read that the creator suggests unvoiced more, and I will have to disagree. The voices help you sympathize more with the character, and brings out their realistic side in a tangible way.

    To be honest, if I was going to read something without voices, I would just pick up a book instead. As amazing as this work is, it’s seriously depressing without any voicework and just a physical text is preferable in that case. And why would the creator go out of his way to obtain the voice clips in the first place?

  7. EternalLurker
    07/30/2010 01:27 PM | #

    Unvoiced would be better if the voice actors weren’t all extremely good. They are.

  8. Radeon
    08/20/2010 04:22 AM | #

    Love this novel! Its short but still nice.

  9. 01/08/2011 06:54 AM | #

    Which am I going to download??

  10. anomaly
    07/14/2011 02:41 AM | #

    There’s a typo in one of the icons – it’s supposed to be Setsumi not Setumi.

  11. 07/14/2011 02:49 AM | #

    Setumi is a perfectly valid romanization of Setsumi, the system used is the one Japanese natives tend to use more.

    The icons are the ‘official’ ones from Stage-nana. I didn’t particularly find it worth the effort to photoshop in ‘fixes’.

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