Narcissu2 OP movie

It’s taken quite a long time since the actual public release of this movie for me to get around to translating it. It’s so short too.

But still, a wonderful OP movie for Narcissu:Side 2nd. Set to the eufonius song Narcissus.

Kataoka Tomo tried his hand at making an animation, going as far as to hand edit individual frames to get proper motion for some things and making his computer creak under the encoding workload. And yes, among other things, the Eunos is driver-less, he knows.

Many thanks to dovac for typesetting this for me. I’m simply clueless when it comes to the complexities of video, and he spent far more time tinkering with it than I will ever know.

And, here’s the links you’ve been wanting!

[Subsequent Edit] – Links are down while I figure out whtat to do with these files.


  1. 01/08/2008 01:13 PM | #


    Without doubt this will be a worthy sequel to the first Narcissu novel.

    I was wondering if there’s a PDF or something with the translated lines of the movie since the movie itself is no longer available online?

    Thanks and keep up the good job!


  2. 01/08/2008 10:40 PM | #

    Mmm. Digging around the remains of my old drives, I managed to find the soft-sub version of the subtitles. It’s sliiightly different from the released version I think, but close enough. — Rename the file to match the movie filename, and most modern players should figure it out… I hope…

    naru2_OP.ass ((somewhat old and outdated) soft-subtitling file for the Narcissu Side Second OP demo video.)

    The original OP movie is available here

    With mirrors

    This should tide you over until the real Narci2 comes out.

  3. Aelms
    05/02/2010 05:54 PM | #

    It seems as though both links are dead…

  4. Aelms
    05/31/2010 05:40 PM | #

    Its been a month. Will the links still be reposted?

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