Lyrics - Muvluv Alternative - Carry On

Carry on

The second and final insert song of the game.
Translated by Agilis.

作詞:影山ヒロノブ Lyrics: Kageyama Hironobu
作曲/編曲:河野陽吾 Composition/Arrangement: Kohno Yohgo
歌:遠藤正明 Vocals: Endo Masaaki
涙をぬぐって さあ微笑んで Wipe your tears, come now, smile
軽いジョークで 俺を見送ってくれ send me off with a light joke
目も眩むような 朝焼けに背を向けて今 now with my back towards an eye-dazzling dawn
死神が手招き誘うあの戦場へ 何もためらわずに towards that battlefield with the reaper’s beckoning invitation, without any hesitation
誰かがつぶやく 「世界は終わりさ」 Someone whispering, “The world’s ended”
諦めの言葉 俺は認めやしない words of surrender, I won’t acknowledge them
最後に振られた ダイスの行方は誰にも the final toss of the dice, no one knows where they’ll fall
そうさ Nobody knows the Future 愛しいおまえの未来と Yes, Nobody knows the Future, my beloved’s future
夢をこの手で護りたい and dreams, I want to protect them with these hands
Carry on my way! たとえこの命 捧げても Carry on my way! Even if this life must be offered up
Carry on my way! 誰よりも深い tenderness Carry on my way! Deeper than anyone’s tenderness
決してなくしはしなさ it will never be lost
Carry on my way! Carry on my world! Carry on my way! Carry on my world!
絶望の中に 輝く一筋の Within hopelessness, a single shining beam
希望目指して try again try again… of hope, aim for it, try again, try again…
お前に寄り添い 鼓動を感じ Nestled against you, feeling your heartbeat
眠れる明日は 再び来るだろうか? sleepy tomorrows, will they come again?
出口の見えない 争いの中で気づいた In the midst of battle with no exit I can see, I notice
そうさ…forever & ever もう一度この腕に愛を Yes, forever & ever, once more to this heart, love,
二度と消えぬ強い愛を strong love that will never again disappear
Carry on my way! たとえこの身体 滅びても Carry on my way! Even if this body were to be destroyed
Carry on my way! 魂はnever surrender Carry on my way! My soul will never surrender
決してあきらめはしない it will never give up
Carry on my way! Carry on my world! Carry on my way! Carry on my world!
Carry on my way! Carry on my world !Carry on my way! Carry on my world!
暗闇の彼方 消えぬ光になり From beyond the darkness, become an unfading light
お前を照らすよ I’ll shine upon you
forever forever… Forever, forever…


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