Lyrics - Narcissu Side 2nd - Narcissus

Theme of Narcissu Side 2nd, from the CD 「Σ」 by eufonius.
Translated by Agilis.

Contrast with the singable translation

作詞:riya Lyrics/Vocals: riya
作編曲:菊池 創 Composition/Arrangement: Sakuchi Hajime
Project by: ステージなな Projects by: Stage-nana
All Instruments: 菊池 創 All Instruments: Kikuchi Hajime
Mixed by: 大久保 将 Mixed by: Okubo Masashi
祈る事を諦めた I gave up praying
透き通る空の朝 Mornings of clear skies
どんな気持ち抱えてても No matter what feelings I hold
誰にも届かないなんて to never have them reach anyone
まるで私はエコー it’s as if I were Echo
== == == ==
狭く白い部屋からは From a narrow white room
同じ景色が見える I can see the same scenery
「当たり前」だけを望んだ I wished only for “the ordinary”
ささやかな運命でさえ Even modest fates,
儚いものと知った I learned how delicate they were
== == == ==
広げた地図の上 旅立つように Atop the spread maps, as if traveling
ここならば自由になれる here I can be free
瞳(め)を閉じれば 果てない道 if I close my eyes, endless roads
忘れられる 痛みも全部 I can forget, even pain, everything
== == == ==
あの花の向こう側は Over where those flowers are
優しく眩しい海 the gentle, dazzling sea
== == == ==
こんな空っぽの私を Even this empty self
静かに抱きしめてくれる it quietly it embraced me
遠くへ連れて行って and takes me far away
== == == ==
翼に傷を付けられた Wings that have been injured
動かない籠の鳥 an unmoving caged bird
神様なんていなくて 本当は… God isn’t around, really…
== == == ==
広げた地図の上 痩せた指で Atop the spread maps, with thin fingers
存在を繋ぎ止めて firmly grasping existence
凛と伸びた花は今も The proudly stretching flowers are now still
きっと傍で咲き続けてる definitely continuing to bloom nearby


  1. Vash
    08/25/2008 05:40 AM | #

    i know its a bit selfish, but can you make a hiragana translation for this song please as i am not able to read the japanese text, thanks.

  2. Roy
    06/07/2009 09:02 AM | #

    thanks, for the translation :D

    been looking around on the net for it. Good job XD !!!

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