Lyrics - ef - a fairy tale of the two - Eternal Feather

悠久の翼 Eternal Feather

The main theme to ef – a fairy tale of the two.
Translated by Agilis.

The translation here was used as comparison/reference material for #nnl’s Ef demo release with my permission, any similarities between the two are because of that.

作詞:酒井 伸和 Lyrics: Sakai Nobukazu (nbkz)
作/編曲:天門 Composition/Arrangement: Tenmon
歌:原田 ひとみ Vocals: Harada Hitomi
遠く空 窓の向こう The faraway sky, beyond the window
届かない 雲見ていた I watched unreachable clouds
壊れてく 心癒す Healing a breaking heart
優しい音 聞こえた a gentle sound could be heard
てのひら零れ落ちる 夢の欠片 Spilling from my palm, fragments of dreams
無くした答え探すため 走り出す to find the lost answer, I start running
めぐりあう時を越え Beyond the time of reunion
二つの手 重なる two hands meet
甦る思い出を Restored memories
この胸に抱いて embrace them to this heart
忘れた 背中探す Searching for a forgotten back
寂しさを 終わりにして putting an end to loneliness
信じてる でも不安で Believing, but uncertain
あなたの声 夢見た I saw a dream of your voice
傷つく事を恐れ 作る笑顔 Afraid of being hurt, making a false smile
壊せる勇気紡ぎだす 二人なら the courage to break it spills out, with two
凍てついた痛みさえ Even frozen pains
ぬくもりに変えれば if they can change to warmth
鐘の音は 鳴り響く The sound of bells ring forth
果てしない 未来に towards an endless future
舞い上がれ 空高く Soar up to the heavens
翼など 無くても even without wings


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