Lyrics - Narcissu Side 2nd - Narcissus - Singable ver.

The full lyrics of the song “Narcissus” translated in a (hopefully) singable form. Created for the Narcissus Side 2nd full translation project, and since the micro-test came out, there’s no particular need to keep it under wraps.

The game’s movie version is the short version of the song, so it only includes the first two and the final stanzas.

Translated by Agilis.

Contrast with the original translation

By request, I attached numbers to certain words, which were my notes on how many beats that word was worth in the song. Unmarked words are supposed to be according to their syllables. There’s a certain amount of fudging here and there, but this is close. Corrections and suggestions welcome, specially from people who know how to sing.

This is the first revision of the previous version’s lyrics. A number of strange parts had been smoothed out, though a few more weird spots exist. Many many many thanks to Meriel for the many helpful comments and suggestions.

作詞:riya Lyrics/Vocals: riya
作編曲:菊池 創 Composition/Arrangement: Sakuchi Hajime
Project by: ステージなな Projects by: Stage-nana
All Instruments: 菊池 創 All Instruments: Sakuchi Hajime
Mixed by: 大久保 将 Mixed by: Okubo Masashi
祈る事を諦めた I had long given up on prayers3
透き通る空の朝 On mornings of transparently clear skies
どんな気持ち抱えてても Whatever the feelings that I hold deep inside
誰にも届かないなんて to never be able to reach2 anyone
まるで私はエコー it’s almost as if I were Echo3
== == == ==
狭く白い部屋からは From out of that cold2 white2 narrow room
同じ景色が見える I can see the same2 scenery3
「当たり前」だけを望んだ I had only just wished for “the ordinary”
ささやかな運命でさえ But even this most modest of all fates3,
儚いものと知った I learned2 just how fleeting those things were
== == == ==
広げた地図の上 旅立つように Atop these maps here spread out so wide, as if I were traveling2
ここならば自由になれる right here in this place, I can come and be free
瞳(め)を閉じれば 果てない道 if I just close my eyes, never ending highways
忘れられる 痛みも全部 I can even forget, all the pain and everything
== == == ==
あの花の向こう側は Out just beyond where2 all those flowers are
優しく眩しい海 there is the gently shining em’rald sea
こんな空っぽの私を And even such a hollow3 shell as myself
静かに抱きしめてくれる it will hold me silently in it’s warm embrace
遠くへ連れて行って and it will take me far2, far away
== == == ==
翼に傷を付けられた With wings that have been injured2 from long ago
動かない籠の鳥 a motionless bird within a cage
神様なんていなくて 本当は… Things2 like God2, they just don’t exist, yes it’s3 true…
== == == ==
広げた地図の上 痩せた指で Atop these maps here spread out so wide, with these weakened fingers
存在を繋ぎ止めて firmly taking hold of me being right here
凛と伸びた花は今も The proud white flowers there, even2 now at this time
きっと傍で咲き続けてる surely they continue, to bloom there right by the waves
== == == ==
== == == ==

Maybe if I had the melody line in front of me I could do better, but with a few words extended here or there in what I hope are natural places, it should be singable. I hit keys on a keyboard much better than I carry a tune in a bucket, so what do I know.


  1. Meriel
    05/20/2008 11:45 PM | #

    I would love to see the singable version with the extensions marked, as there are a couple places which feel kind of awkward to me.

  2. 05/20/2008 11:54 PM | #

    Well, hope it makes some more sense now with the numbers attached.

  3. Wilson_chin
    05/25/2009 11:47 AM | #

    well I wish i can download teh MP3 of this both vocaled and unvocal you got the song with you or know where to get teh mp3 of this?

  4. 11/21/2010 08:16 AM | #

    hmm… try to google it

    i google them and get them..

    sorry no linking, if you want it.. email me..

  5. anomaly
    11/01/2011 01:27 AM | #

    Hi Agilis,

    I noticed that the lyrics are missing the choirlike part coming after 2 stanas, and again after 2 more. It doesn’t seem to be Japanese or English. More like something European.

    Do you have any ideas on what this part is?

  6. anomaly
    11/01/2011 01:32 AM | #

    Update: Possibly a Catholic church song? It sounds possibly Latin or French.

  7. 11/03/2011 12:53 AM | #

    While I was translating this song I probably listened to that part a hundred tims, and did research on it.

    This question was asked on a japanese forum a long time ago, and the consensus was that ultimately it wasn’t a language that anyone could identify. It’s a bunch of european-like syllables, but with no apparently meaning to them.

  8. anomaly
    11/03/2011 03:51 PM | #

    I see. I would expect the songwriters to take this into account…

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