ef the first tale demo released

Today, as I’m writing this, #nnl should be releasing their translation of “ef: the first tale” demo.

Since I don’t normally blog about English patches too much here, what’s this got to do with Neechin? Well, from hanging out at #nnl for the past two years, somehow as part of a round of chuckling over an email ‘volunteer’ that was rather offensive to #nnl staff over offering his translation services (… very long story…), I found myself one day with a 300-line blob of script to do, which was, give or take, half the script for the demo.

Because I was busy (I think with Narci2… or something else…), I sat down, and finished the blob in one sitting.. 6-7 hours. I then collapsed into a puddle and slept most of the next day, leaving poor Gip to edit out my hairbrained lines and reconcile styles with the other translator. No more doing that many lines in a day until I’m materially faster with the language…

Then, later, they went ahead and translated “ef the first fandisc” also. I had nothing to do with that one, that project came up like a month or two ago, and I was mired in Narcissu Side 2nd already, and it was so short, the other translator took care of it.

Gip did a fine job of reconciling the translating styles between me and Reikoku, we sound miles apart in our originals. See if you can spot the part where my voice takes over. It’s been smoothed over, but Gip deliberately left some of it in there.

And well, it’s 6pm, and time for me to pack up my work laptop, hop on the subway, and go home.

Until next time!
Ruuuuuuuuuu~~! \o/


Looks like there’s a staff page now and my Hellfire Kitty nickname makes yet another appearance…

Oh, and my quote was referring to a single seiyuu who did all the characters.


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