Radio, Projects, Work, and all sorts

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here again… Altered Fable has already been out for 3 weeks so it’s been that long…wow.

Sadly, while I’ve had lots of fun with AF, I still haven’t completed it. Though if I play through Meiya and Yuuhi’s scenarios, I guess I could write some short review thing up.

The problem of course is that, horror of horrors, since Sept 4, I have been Working. Like, actual job with paychecks and stuff to do work. Horrors!! It’s taken all the free time of my old student life, and transformed it into 3-4 hours a night of time to do things, lots of things. “What could they be?” you might ask?

First, there’s Narcissu Side 2nd. Sept 16 marked the 5th month that Haeleth and I have started working on this project. And seriously, I’ve been working on it almost every day the whole time whenever possible. Some days, only a bit, some days, as much as 6+ hours in a sitting. And it’s still not done! Scary isn’t it. I sometimes see fragments of the script in my sleep.

After that, my addiction to Internet radio hosted by seiyuu that I like (mostly from eroge, but simply seiyuu in general) has risen to the next level… I’ve started scribbling notes onto the Neko Nyan Liberation blog about them… Only then did it occur to me that, man, I listen to ALOT of radio shows….

When not working on Narci2, I’ve been helping out on another #nnl project. It should be released to the world… very soon, I think.

And already! With just that little! I’ll be out of time each night! Notice, not a single instance of playing an eroge is in here! I still haven’t finished Cottonsoft’s Reconquista, and they’re starting to announce their 3rd came, “Nagisa no” a cheery summery game set in the countryside… Of course I’m buying that one too, but who knows when I’ll have time to play it…

There have been some song lyrics that I’ve been meaning to do… also waiting for time… and Muvluv Unlimited and Gin’iro are still hanging over my head, even though I haven’t had time to touch either for like 8 months…


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