Gasp! Another blog!

A number of friends and people I’ve worked with on projects got together and made a blog site. We’ve all watched various other people write about anime and things, and often wondered how many people actually read those things, and so, we’re giving it a shot ourselves!

Personally, I’ll be using the space to write about less serious things than here on Neechin. For example, as I track my favorite seiyuu, and find interesting news about them, I might write a few lines. I also plan on giving random run-downs of the various Japanese internet radio shows that I listen to regularly.

Neechin will still get the weightier stuff though. Lyric translations, the occasional review of a game I’ve played, translation project announcements, etc. will all stay here.

The other writers have total control over their sections, so I have no idea what they’ll be writing about. It could be fun, could involve complaining about things, and there’ll probably be a few flame wars here and there.

But in my case, think of Uruchai as a place where I relax and have fun! Comments are encouraged there too, of course.


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