Narcissu Side2nd C70 'puchi'-released

Well, this is old news, since it was announced a few days before Comiket 70, but looking at my older posts I figure it’d complement my older Side2nd post.

As announced on Stage-Nana, Side 2nd wasn’t completed in time for C70. Instead, a re-pressing of the original Narcissu was done (for 500Y a piece) and a ‘puchi’ preview of Side2nd for 200Y. It also doesn’t look like it’d be uploaded for web download. Ah well.

I’d love to get my hands on it, but import service overhead being what it is for a 200Y item, it’s not practical. I’m more interested in seeing the whole work without overloading my anticipation with a preview anyways. What intrigues me is that there’s even more voicing. Ayakawa Rino is back as Setsumi of course (yay) and… some other voice actress with kanji I can’t quite make out.

Maybe well see it in time for C71 this winter, which is what, 6 mo. from now, or possibly sooner?


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