Lyrics - Muvluv - Haruka naru Furusato no Uta

Song of a far, receding homeland – ED song for Muvluv: Unlimited
Translated by: Agilis.

作詞:江幡育子 Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
作曲・編曲:飯塚昌明 Composition/Arrangement: Iiduka Masaaki
歌:栗林みな実 Vocals: Kuribayashi Minami
わたしの中に願いが届く Inside of me is a wish
送り出すのはあなたの命 What sent me off, was your life
希望を乗せて 旅たつ船は Hope placed upon an embarking ship
悲しみ隠して that hides sadness
迷子のように泣きたいわたし I wanted to cry like a lost child
あなたの祈り 星に変わって Your prayer, turning into a star
静かな闇に灯りがともる a light burning in the quiet darkness
優しく確かに gently, certainly
瞳閉じただけで よみがえるあの日々 Just by closing my eyes, those days return
あらがえぬ運命を超えて “Overcome irresistible fate”
伝えたい I want to tell you
いとしさが (Don’t forget your love.) Tenderness (Don’t forget your love.)
あふれてく (With you, I was a flame.) overflows (With you, I was a flame.)
彼方まで (Ride on the light sail now.) all the way to you (Ride on the light sail now.)
駆けぬける (Far away quest I’ll take.) it runs (Far away quest I’ll take.)
今も星は輝き そこにはあなたがいる Even now, the star is shining, And there, is where you are.
あの日を想い 夜空見上げる Thinking of that day, I look up at the night sky
未来を語る 無邪気な笑顔 Talk of the future, an innocent smile
面影見つけ言葉に詰まる Finding a familiar image, my words choke
景色がにじんだ the scenery blurs
うつろう季節にも変わらぬ愛感じ Even in the changing seasons is the feeling of unchanging love
ここにある喜びを胸に the happiness here in my chest
生きていく lives on
いとしさが (Remember your tenderness.) Tenderness (Remember your tenderness.)
あふれてく (Darling, we can’t go back.) overflows (Darling, we can’t go back.)
慈しみ (Certainly peaceful days.) love (Certainly peaceful days.)
守りたい (I swear by our hope.) I want to protect (I swear by our hope.)
今も星が輝き そこには…んん Even now, the star shines, and there…mmmm
その声を (Don’t forget your love.) That voice (Don’t forget your love.)
忘れない (With you, I was a flame.) I won’t forget (With you, I was a flame.)
その腕を (Ride on the light sail now.) Those arms (Ride on the light sail now.)
忘れない (Far away quest I’ll take.) I won’t forget (Far away quest I’ll take.)
愛にみちたあの日々 Those days full of love
So always, you live in my heart. So always, you live in my heart.
強く星は輝く Strongly, the star shines
So always, you live in my heart. So always, you live in my heart.


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