bamboo Ustream appearance tonight

Mangagamers from japan
Scheduled for 2011-05-23 (tonight) at 10PM EDT

bamboo, leader of bishoujo game brand Overdrive, the band milktub, and a one of the upper managers of Mangagamer will be hosting a live ustream about Mangagamer tonight. From what I understand, a Q&A type format, but I don’t know the full details.

I’ve been invited to help as a comment translator. Mostly taking English comments and converting them to Japanese so that bamboo can read them and answer.
Let’s be clear, there’s very few translators, and if comment volume is high, we absolutely will ignore stupid, offensive, or repetitive comments. It takes time to translate things, and we can’t do everything. Relevant questions and comments (positive or negative) will be fielded to the best of our ability so long as it adds to the discussion.

I guess I’ll post a report afterwards.
See you guys there.


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