Bungaku Shoujo animated film announced!

Woo! In perhaps the most balanced move between fans of the Bungaku Shoujo series of light novels and the trend of animating light novel series, a film adaptation will be made!

For those not familiar with the series, I blabbed about it at some point earlier.

Anyways, with the main series of books finally over at volume 9 and that mysterious announcement of Project Memoire some time ago, I had wondered when something like this would happen.

There were many things standing in the way of adapting the novels into an animated feature. The long lines, the many scenes that seem so important, the bolded snippests of text scattered throughout each volume that would play with the reader, suggesting this or that suspect in the mystery, but always taking on a different meaning if you read them a second time after progressing further into the book.

And of course, most importantly, the casting! I can’t think of a voice that just fits the range of tones that Tooko uses throughout the series. I suppose ti doesn’t help that I’m more familiar with eroge seiyuu than I am with mainstream anime seiyuu these days…

But one thing’s for sure, I’ll definitely laugh if Kugyuu is chosen to play Nanase. Definitely.


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