Narcissu sightings out and about

I try to make it fairly clear that I keep development projects hidden from sight until I think there’s something worth showing. Add that to having a few creative friends scattered around the globe, and some interesting things fall out… like video.

There’s Motescripter. Some people at a university decided it’d be fun to use Narcissu 2 as part of their engineering lab project. They had to go to rather absurd lengths to get something running, and from what I heard, they had used the files from the Micro-test to run.

“Narci – ultra-pocket edition” coming?

Then, in other news, someone held a panel at Sakuracon 2009 about Narci. A bit of rushed packaging and hacking later, and a special build was created for the occasion. Of course, I happen to have the guy’s address, so if that thing got leaked, I know exactly where to send the hit men.

I hadn’t left instructions or anything other than keeping a tight grip on the files, so apparently, due to audience request, they wound up using Haeleth’s script for this. I’d say my version would’ve been better, but then, I’m a biased judge.

Haeleth didn’t particularly make an effort to his script “accessible” to speakers of the American dialect since that’s what my version is for. It’s somewhat amusing how our scripts compare, “Brit” vs “New Yorker”.

Anyways, it’s uploaded to Nicovideo and linked below, mostly ‘cause youtube’s got a length limit and all that.


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