Bungaku Shoujo, manga preview

Previously I had mentioned that the light novel series I loved so much was being serialized as a manga. Well, the first preview bits have started appearing on the Internet.

First, there’s Square-Enix’s Gangan Powered page of course, since that is where the series will be serialized.

There’s one picture there that I’ve copied over.

Then, Akibablog has an article with more preview pictures.

That full color sketch of Touko is quite pretty, and I don’t have major complaints about the art… but Takeoka Miho’s art for the original books is many times more beautiful to my eyes. Ah well, at least it’s not an atrocity like the Muvluv Extra comics…

There are rough development sketches of Touko with various expressions — none of which look like the outwardly elegant and calm Bungaku Shoujo that she always seems to be to other people who aren’t close to her.

There’s also development sketches of Konoha, though I wonder when some of thse sketches will come into play.

All in all, all the fans to the novels are wondering how the manga will turn out. There are lots of paragraphs and things that simply would overwhelm a manga page, so we’re all wondering if this project can be pulled off successfully.

Meanwhile, my “Bungaku shoujo, Kami ni nozomu romancier part 1” had arrived last week, and after a few train rides, I’m about to curse myself for finishing it, leaving me with at least 6 months before the grand finale comes out.


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