Summer Days Trial Out!

A few days ago, 0verflow released the chapter1 demo for Summer Days! Wai!


What rather surprised me was that the engine they’re using, appears to be a modified version of Age’s rUGP 5.7 . (btw Muvluv Alternative was on 5.7 also.) I had read that they were working closely together but it hadn’t occured to me that they’ll attempt to use rUGP for it.

Anyways. The demo is a reaffirmation of all that is adorable about Setsuna. It’s just… <3 <3 <3. The subtitle font used is also oddly cute.

There’s also 1 choice to make, and what seems like an actual bad ending. (Don’t worry, no one dies =P)

The animation isn’t quite as smooth as School Days (which used WMV apparently) and it doesn’t feel as polished, but the final product will hopefully fix some of those issues. Can’t wait, the summer’s looking brighter than ever.


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