Random 0verflow

I’ve been hanging out in #nnl on zirc for almost a year now (since the start of the Narcissu project) and along the way, we had gotten to joking around at making a betting pool to predict what would be the patch number at the end of july.

Well, I should be more careful about what I suggest ‘cause Gip of nnl actually started the contest, “The Supah Buggy Days” contest to be exact. The chances of my 1.10/40 winning are so slim I can’t imagine it happen, but it’s still fun to watch.

At some point I’ll put a review of Summer Days up.

[Postscript Aug 7, 2006] Well the contest period has ended, at a respectable 1.09/23. No one won. but I’m happy I got close with 1.10, since I held onto that number long before the contest started.


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