Gin'iro Chapter 1 for Narcissu players.

It’s not particularly common knowledge, mostly because I’m not much on promotion, but on the Ren’ai game mailing list (RAML) I’ve posted links to my translation work of Narcissu (available in the files section), and along the way comments about the many parallels between Narcissu and Gin’iro chapter 1 came up. Since Gin’iro is quite old, I figured I’d release a piece of the Gin’iro Novelisation Project that’s still in progress.

The released file is a bit old, dating from August 2005. Since then, there have been very minor changes to the text of Chapter1, but nothing particularly major. Comments of course are welcome.

Giniro_ch1.pdf – 185.35kB


  1. 09/11/2006 09:39 AM | #

    Back then when I played the english translation of narcissu, I had no idea about giniro or nekoneko. And now, here I am looking all over the world for anything about giniro… With this translation I think I can get through the game’s first chapter without any problem.
    Just want to say a BIG THANKYOU to you Agilis, and all the best for the Giniro Novelisation Project.

  2. Cracklings
    03/21/2010 07:13 AM | #

    Hi, I know this is a three and a half year old thread so you probably won’t even respond to this. But, I would like to use your English translation of the first chapter to replace the engrish in the eroge. This is pretty easy with onscripter and I was planning on re-editing the rest of the chapters. But if you don’t want me using your translation that’s totally ok to thanks.

  3. 03/21/2010 03:38 PM | #

    [copypasted from my email response for everyone’s reference. – don’t reply here, just use email]

    Hi there,

    Since I get emails about every comment, I actually do read these things.

    Anyways, I’ve some reservations about using my currently posted Gin’iro work for such a project. Fact is, all my Gin’iro was started Dec 2004 as my first true attempt at translating anything. Naturally, jumping 5 years into the present, I shudder at the errors, mistranslations and plain shoddy style that I know must exist in those files. The only saving grace was that Chapter 1 was so minimalist, I got away with having zero experience more so than with more meaty fare. My unreleased versions of Chapter 2 need much more revision to be up to my currently quality standards than Chp1 does, and Chp3 lines 15% complete in limbo…

    Since I imagine you’ll be going on with your project regardless. I’ll say you can use my work as a reference, but straight-over copying is probably a bad idea. A small citation of “Agilis” or something would be nice if it you use things, but I’m not going to insist.

    One of these days, I’d love to do the whole game from top to bottom again, but for now my schedule’s backed up enough as it is. Which is sad since it’s in my list of top 3 games I’d like to translate fully.


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